5 Biggest Shockers from National Signing Day 2012

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2012

5 Biggest Shockers from National Signing Day 2012

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    With National Signing Day really beginning to slow down due to majority of the players making their commitment, it's time to recap. A lot of the players that made their final decision didn't really surprise us, as we had expected they would end up at the school they picked. But then there were a few players that really had us scratching our heads.

    He went where?

    The truth is nobody really knows what these players are thinking, or what's going on behind closed doors. All we can do is predict what situation would be best for him from a football standpoint and hope our prediction ends up correct. We really never know what's going to happen until the player actually speaks and lets us know where he's going.

    With that said, here are the most surprising commitments from National Signing Day.

Jordan Payton Finally Made His Mind Up or Did He?

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    Jordan Payton may have become the high school version of Brett Favre. I mean seriously, three teams thought they had one of this year's top wide receiver prospects, and it turns out none of them actually landed him. Payton gave his early verbal commitment to USC, then switched to Cal, then switched to Washington and now is officially a member of the UCLA Bruins.

    He signed his letter of intent, so I promise, this time it's official.

    Payton is a 4-star player and may not be the fastest receiver in the world; he does have great hands and can make the tough catches in traffic. Looks like first year head coach Jim Mora isn't doing such a shabby job after all.

Torshiro Davis Leaves Home

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    Schools should be able to recruit some of the best talent in their state. Especially when you're a team that is a national championship contender like the LSU Tigers are. But despite how good LSU may be, they aren't keeping their state's top players, and Torshiro Davis is the latest player to leave the nest.

    One of the top outside linebackers and defensive ends in this year's class was committed to the LSU Tigers for majority of the recruiting process. Although at the last minute, he decided to go ahead and join Mack Brown and company and become a Texas Longhorn.

    This is a huge loss for the Tigers and means that the top three players from the state of Louisiana have gone elsewhere.

Dante Fowler Changes His Mind

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    One of the top defensive ends in this year's class is Dante Fowler, and he was committed to the Florida State Seminoles for over a year. Right when it's time to sign his letter of intent, he gets cold feet and decides to join the Florida Gators. 

    Losing a top player is always a sad thing to go through, but when that player happens to join your rival, it can really ruin your day. Here are a few things Fowler said about why he decided to join the Gators:

    "Coach Muschamp is a defensive minded coach and that means a lot to me. I fit well in their system at Florida and I see myself playing early there. I know it will be hard work but I really feel comfortable with that coaching staff and this was the right decision. Florida is the right place for me."

Dorial Green-Beckham Sticks It to Arkansas

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    This may not come as a surprise to most, since reports began flooding the Internet a couple of days ago that the nation's top wide receiver prospect would stay in Missouri. But it's still a surprising commitment when you consider the other offers he had. Normally you don't see a top player stay home for a lesser program when he has offers from schools such as Arkansas, Alabama and Texas.

    While I do think this commitment was the right one and a pickup that can change this program forever, there's still something about it that makes it a little difficult to believe.

Deontay Greenberry Goes Where?!

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    Deontay Greenberry is a 5-star wide receiver who had offers from nearly every top school in the country, including Alabama, Miami, USC, UCLA and Washington, among others. He was verbally committed to Notre Dame for a while, and many expected him to stay with the Irish, as long as his cousin Tee Shepard remained on the team.

    That wasn't the case though; Greenberry ended up decommitting from Notre Dame and joined forces with the Houston Cougars. Yes, you read that right. He turned down the opportunity to become a solid contributor for a BCS program, for a team that's losing majority of it key players on both sides of the ball and a new head coach.

    Greenberry makes history by becoming the highest rated player the Cougars have ever recruited, but this signing really makes you wonder.

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