WWE News: Concern for Chyna Increases as She Tweets 150+ Times and Counting

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IFebruary 1, 2012

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Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World, has been on the edge for months now. Low-budget adult films, drunken rambling, breakdowns—she's been on a downward spiral to rock bottom.

Worries for her condition has shot up as she took to her computer just a matter of hours ago, and since then began a huge tirade on Twitter, complaining about several topics revolving around the current state of WWE. Unfortunately for her, the only state that has put people on caution is her own.

Since around noon, Chyna has issued a grand total of 155 tweets, a number which is still on the rise. Initially, she began rant against the likes of X-Pac and Triple H, before bombasting Vince McMahon and his attitude. She proceeded to blast WWE's Talent Wellness Program, superstars under contract with the promotion and entertainment outlet TMZ.

Now, it's not a rare sight to see anybody speak out against any of these topics, but the manner through which Chyna has done it is incoherent and almost psychotic.

She labels herself a huge star, a true star, and one that nobody else could even come close to. Egotistical much? On top of that, she's gone on to say that she's the exception to the rule that "Nobody is bigger than the business."

And the most bizarre of all of this? Her repeated talk of rape. Not only does she declare that X-Pac, Vince McMahon and Triple H should "choke and die on their rape tape from China," but also blurts out with the rather gruesome:

Untill anyone has been raped on tape, extorted, abused and had broken hip neck ribs and had their eyeballs squeezed out of their eyeballs?

Alongside that, Chyna claims that the early demises of several other professional wrestlers were all at the fault of McMahon.

It's no doubt that Chyna must be in an incredibly fragile condition, something that has been evidenced by her disastrous appearance at the Adult Video News Awards a couple of weeks ago. That incident also comes just after her original ramblings on Vince McMahon.

One can only hope that Chyna can seek help before joining Scott Hall and the Hardy Brothers in the metaphorical loony bin.