Spring Professional Football League Reportedly in the Works

Zachary D. Rymer@zachrymerMLB Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2012

A moderately pastoral picture of footballs; Photo Credit: petapixel.com
A moderately pastoral picture of footballs; Photo Credit: petapixel.com

The National Football League dominates the American sports scene during the fall and winter, but the spring and summer belong to other sports.

But not for long. Maybe.

The folks at Deadspin.com have an exclusive report about a prospective pro football league, called the Spring Professional Football League. It's just what it sounds like, as this particular league would hold its season during the spring.

The management of the SPFL consists of several former XFL and NFL Europe executives. The league is looking to make its debut as soon as 2013, with eight teams playing a 14- to 16-week season. The league is considering all the big cities for teams, which would be owned by the league.

The president and CEO of the whole thing is Michael F. Keller, a former Michigan and NFL linebacker, who went on to hold a number of jobs as a football executive. He is also the father of former Nebraska and Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller, who never amounted to the star he was supposed to be when he was playing at San Ramon Valley High School (CA).

(Random note: Keller was a senior when I was a freshman at SRVHS. Or maybe I was a sophomore...I honestly don't care to do the math.)

The league's summary of its plans, which can be viewed in full on Deadspin, takes care to note that it knows how to succeed where other football leagues failed. Primarily, the key is to not compete with the NFL, which apparently is a simple matter of timing.

Deadspin reached out to a pair of economists about the SPFL, neither of whom were very optimistic about the whole thing.

Real shocker there, right?

Not at all. Setting up a football league to play in the spring is a good way around competing with the NFL, but the league's dominance of the football market is more complicated than the mere timing of its season. People love the NFL for a lot of reasons, but the main one is because it's fun.

To generate fun, you need good players. The NFL has all of the best players, meaning that the league's competition gets whatever is left over. The quality of football generated by these players just doesn't quite stack up.

If you want to know why the NFL has no competition, there you go. This country's love of football isn't unconditional: It's true that 'Muricans must have football, but it must be good football. 

They'll get that from the NFL, and they'll get it during the fall and winter, thank you very much.


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