Planning the Best Super Bowl Party in 2012

Derek CrouseContributor IIIFebruary 1, 2012

Don't invite them to the party if they can only name Tom Brady
Don't invite them to the party if they can only name Tom BradyAndy Lyons/Getty Images

“Professional football is a special game, a unique game, played no where else on Earth. It is a rare game, the men who play it make it so. Pro football is a mirror of early America, reflecting toughness, courage and self-denial.” ~ John Facenda of NFL Films

How many people at your Super Bowl party think of football like this?

Most likely it’s not a high percentage. With the NFL becoming so mainstream and exposure at an all-time high, the casual fan has never been as prominent in this newest era of the league. While there are many of us who have cherished this sport for so many years, there are the newcomers who just want to be part of the group coming to the big game.

That is where the traditional “Super Bowl Party” can be a blessing and a burden. You have the hard-core fans who have been watching since the 2011 NFL Draft and others who have finally found out who is playing this Sunday, having never paid any attention to a single score all year.

This is exactly where your planning of the Super Bowl party has to be strategized as well as a white-collar ponzi scheme.

If you want to actually watch the game, you’ll have to be very picky when it comes to invitations. We have all been to the party where you have viewers who don’t know or care about the game itself. They basically just want to be part of the event. These are the invites you have to weed out as quickly as possible.

I actually had a person wanting to play euchre during a Super Bowl party!

Sometimes you don’t really have an option, and certain persons are coming over Sunday afternoon.

You know your best bud loves the game, but his lady could care less about it. Trying to be polite and having them both over is being a nice guy, but nice guys finish last, especially when it comes to enjoying something you have invested months into. In the past, I was much more tolerant about my party invites but with maturity comes experience.

Even the food and beverage situation should be planned out so it doesn’t interfere with the game.

Some party planners always wonder about where and when to serve their guests. The best strategy would be to have food in a separate room—preferably with a TV. This keeps all the partiers in a room while the football fanatics can watch with no distractions.

Make sure your guests get their fill before kickoff so people are not running back and forth the whole game. This is where a TV in the kitchen can keep you ahead of the game.

Keep your alcohol options simple. Serve beer, wine and a couple styles of liquor. You don’t want to be sitting in the kitchen listening to a blender or shimmying a shaker while all your friends are catching every play and commercial.

Also have some water ready.

We all have a guest who started drinking to help you prep early in the morning. While he might pass out by halftime, he did help you make your party rock.

The bottom line is to keep it simple. Have real football fans over, have a designated food area and drivers, and remember a chance to have a great Super Bowl party only happens once a year.