The Most Memorable Fan Jeers in Sports History

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The Most Memorable Fan Jeers in Sports History

Philadelphia vs. New York. The Hundred Years' War. The Cain and Abel of professional sports towns. The territorial bloodline for Eastern supremacy rooted firmly in mutual disrespect. 

If there was a spitting definition of an ideological East Coast sports town, these two would be synonyms. 

Whenever the Eagles and Giants, or Flyers and Rangers, or even the Phillies and Mets butt heads, they have an endearing knack for making the Battle of Gettysburg look like a rural tea party. 

It’s a cliché about as old as Tom Coughlin to say that fans are just as vital to sporting events as players and coaches.  But Philly and New York are the eternally rare professional fanbases that can actually have an impact on the outcome of a game, regardless of whether they’re playing each other. 

Outsiders scoff at the notion of Philadelphia as the “City of Brotherly Love.”  But it’s a tight-knit fraternity.  And the love never extends outside the family, leaving fair-weather outsiders to simply thumb their high and mighty nose at these slimy, grimy, East Coast "Boobirds." 

These are the same outsiders who have never made an un-hittable pitcher shake in his boots, who have never undid the well-coifed haircut of a chummy rival coach, and who have never defaced a fraudulent holiday icon. 

Whoops, I gave away too much. 

But it’s OK, Los Angeles—you go ahead and fraternize with the opposing stars. 

We’ll be busy sticking gum below their feet. 

Don’t take offense—it’s a Philly and New York thing.  So before I make like a foaming-at-the-mouth chipmunk and release another spoiler, here are the 10 most memorable fan jeers in professional sports history.

A realm that, as you'll soon find out, these East Coast blue bloods have truly perfected.

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