5 Current WWE Stars Who Are Destined for the Hall of Fame

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5 Current WWE Stars Who Are Destined for the Hall of Fame

With WrestleMani  comes the annual WWE Hall of Fame induction. In the WWE, is there no wait time to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If a wrestler has a Hall of Fame career, he is inducted quickly after his retirement.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair were inducted a year after they retired. One of this year's inductees, Edge, retired just a year ago due to an injury that was diagnosed as cervical spinal stenosis. Professional sports leagues have a wait period in case a candidate unretires, like Michael Jordan and Brett Favre. But in professional wrestling, a wrestler never truly retires unless it is for injury reasons. 

My favorite aspect of watching the WWE is watching the living legends compete with the new generation of wrestlers—guys like Chris Jericho and Big Show in the same ring as guys like Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes. WrestleMania has matches every year that link different generations of wrestlers together.

This upcoming WrestleMania, The Rock and John Cena will face off. This is being hyped as one of the biggest matches in WWE history, as it should be. The two most popular figures from two different eras square off in the biggest stage of them all.

The Rock and John Cena are both guaranteed future Hall of Famers. But they are not the only wrestlers still competing that will one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame after they "officially" retire.  

Here are five current WWE superstars not named The Rock or John Cena that will be future instant WWE Hall of Famers after they retire.

(Please note I also did not include Triple H, the current COO. He is a given to become a Hall of Famer as well.)

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