2012 NHL All-Star Game: Marian Gaborik Represents Well for the New York Rangers

Cat ZambitoContributor IJanuary 31, 2012

Shoot em' up Gaby!
Shoot em' up Gaby!

Marian Gaborik was on fire during Sunday afternoon's NHL All-Star game in Ottawa.  

His Rangers teammate and goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist obviously wasn't kidding when he mentioned that Gaby wanted to play against him during the All-Star game during last Thursday night's fantasy draft.

Ever since the draft, the two had been engaging in friendly trash talk, but that is what the weekend is all about.  A little banter and competition just adds to the excitement of the events.

It was all in good fun, but it must have stung just a bit to have Gaborik score against Hank, not once, but twice in his first period appearance during the game.

After Gaborik scored his first goal on Lundqvist, he mimed that his hockey stick was a gun and shot at Lundqvist with it.

It was a pretty funny sight to watch, but I am glad that they are normally teammates and don't play against one another.

Lundqvist shared these sentiments himself, saying:

"Obviously, he has a lot of leverage from all the games we've had against each other. Hopefully he stays in New York for a long time so I don't have to face him in a game."

Lundqvist managed to stop any further attempts by his Slovak teammate, but Gaborik scored one more goal in the second period against Jonathan Quick, as well as an assist to his All-Star team captain, Zdeno Chara in the third.

Gaborik's valiant offensive efforts awarded him MVP for the the game, also making him the 16th player in NHL history to have scored a hat trick during the All-Star festivities.

He's having an amazing year with the New York Rangers so far, and there is still so much left to the season.