Liverpool FC: Are They the New Giant Killers on the Block?

H Andel@Gol Iath @gol_iathAnalyst IIIJanuary 31, 2012

Liverpool Football Club has been in the news for the wrong reasons in the last couple of months, thanks to its inept handling of the Suarez-Evra racism situation

After that incident, it appears as though the demons of prejudice and intolerance are seeking to make Liverpool a home: recall the Tom Adeyemi situation and this week's monkey chant incident.

Liverpool though must be commended for how they've bounced back from the Suarez-Evra situation.

Their handling of the Adeyemi situation was exceptional and worthy of a club with the pedigree of Liverpool. It also looks like they've taken swift action on this latest situation. Again, they must be commended for it.

Beside these unpalatable issues and situations, Liverpool are still in the news for one more wrong reason.

As the January transfer window closes, they and Chelsea have become the proverbial by-word by which unruly and headstrong children must be instructed: Don't go spending wildly now; remember the reds and blues and their 35 and 50 million.

Any manager who still harbored the thought of a spending spree need only hear this to think twice. As it is, we are unlikely to have a big signing.

Even now, Kenny Dalglish is not happy that news about wanting to get rid of his giant flop, Andy Caroll, has leaked.


The Guardian reports:

Liverpool have made a remarkable bid to swap Andy Carroll with Carlos Tevez and move on their club-record £35m signing not even a year after signing him from Newcastle United.

The Anfield club contacted City on Thursday to ask how much they want for Tevez and whether they would be willing to contemplate a straight exchange with Carroll. Brian Marwood, the City football administrator, rebuffed the idea immediately, even though Carroll is a player Roberto Mancini has admitted admiring when he was at Newcastle.

The move demonstrates how Liverpool are now openly looking at offloading Carroll despite the insistence behind the scenes at Anfield that he can still play a prominent part and Kenny Dalglish's praise for the player after the 2-1 FA Cup defeat of Manchester United.

As for Dalglish's angst, Mirror Football reports:

Kenny Dalglish has slammed Manchester City’s business methods, and insisted Andy Carroll is going nowhere.

City leaked their claim that the Anfield outfit made an inquiry about a potential swap of Carroll and Carlos Tevez.

But Dalglish says there will be no last-minute transfer window activity and has told the moneybags City that they are wrong to go public with such sensitive claims.

“We’re not going to get involved in justifying what people are saying – we don’t have to," said the Scot." Get City to justify it, not us.

“We’re not talking about any specific incident, but if you are going to do business in any way shape or form, no matter what life you are in, you don’t need to disclose it until it’s done."


Everything in the foregoing is good news for the media. These are the kinds of news that sell. There's though one news item about Liverpool that should be making the rounds.

By all intents and purposes, they are the new giant killers in town.

Here is a fact: Liverpool have beaten every club of note this season except Tottenham Hotspur, but there's no guarantee they wouldn't when the two clubs meet again in April.

Arsenal fell 2-0 at home to Liverpool, even if it might be argued that that victory owed more to luck than anything. Still, Liverpool did beat Arsenal, however one looks at the situation. They trounced Newcastle United 3-1.

Liverpool have beaten Chelsea twice at Stamford Bridge, not a mean feat. They've knocked Manchester City out of the Carling Cup and are set to win it all. And what may seem their greatest victory of all is their FA Cup victory over Manchester United.

By all accounts, therefore, Liverpool qualify as giant killers. This is newsworthy. It is something Liverpool fans should be proud of, and it is a fact that the big six clubs should take seriously. Kenny Dalglish appears to have a formula for dealing with the big clubs.

It doesn't matter that the club flops when it meets middling or lowly clubs. If they keep at this, it might just secure them a club double this year. They are still in the FA Cup, after all. It could also secure them the coveted Champions League slot.

Hail, then, to the giant killers!


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