Cleveland Cavaliers: No Trade Leaves LeBron James Alone

Danny DraginCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008

Pau Gasol, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marrion, Mike Bibby, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allan, and Shaquile O'Neal all could start a pretty good team. 

Kobe got Gasol, Dirk got Kidd,  D-Wade got Marrion, Paul Pierce got Kevin Garnett and Jesus Shuttleworth, Nash and Amare got "The Diesel", and even Josh Smith and Joe Johnson of Atlanta got help in Mike Bibby. 

All LeBron James wants is some similar help.  Right now he has none.

LeBron got to watch Larry Hughes struggle to find his jump shot.  LeBron's hero, Michael Jordan, always had a reliable supporting cast in Scotty Pippen.  Hughes' struggle with injuries has some wondering how long LeBron will wait before he changes area codes.  Larry Hughes is no Pippen.  In fact, with the money he is making, he should be picking up his paychecks with a ski mask on.

Who could blame LeBron for wanting to leave?

LeBron James has it all, except a chance.  Every team in contention, both in the East and the West, has either a superstar and a semi-superstar or two superstars.  Some even have three.  LeBron plays with one consistent player.

The Cavs had zero draft picks this past season and the previous years' No. 1 pick has done very well, in the Developmental League.

Years ago everyone wanted to "be like Mike."  Michael Jordan had the game, charisma, and ability to make a once meaningless team matter.  In fact, they became the most recognizable team out there.

From a skill level, who wouldn't want to be like LeBron?  He's a 23 year old with game.  He can be a one-man show at times, but also gets all of his teammates involved.  He just needs help like everyone else does.

At this point in his career, LeBron deserves better.  Without him Cleveland probably would have lost the Cavs to another city.  It had gotten that bad.  No they are seen all over ESPN because of LeBron James.  When 20,000 fans show up to see the Cavs play it isn't for Ira Newble.

General Manager Danny Ferry had better work some magic.  With today being the trade deadline, no move could prove treacherous for the Cavs.  It seems impossible that finding a team willing to part with talent and the salary cap issues are what is holding the Cavs back.

When LeBron got drafted first overall, the talent that followed was beyond solid.  Darko never materialized, but Carmello Anthony and Dwayne Wade have done pretty well.  Denver got Anthony Kenyon Martin and Allan Iverson.  Wade first got Shaq, and now has Marrion.  There is talk he may also get Caron Butler. 

When LeBron was surrounded by talent he was at the All-Star game and really shined.  He also did this for Team USA.  For the Cavs he is a one-man show who is wasting his talent with players who don't amount to much.

Imagine Michael Jordan without Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Ron Harper.  Take the helpful talent found in those guys away, and Michael Jordan is in the same spot as LeBron.  Still an amazing talent, but not the championship hero we all enjoyed watching.

Michael Jordan's slogan was "Wanna Be Like Mike."  LeBron says in one of his commercials, "You don't want to be like me, you want to be better than me." 

Without the talent he needs around him, many may outshine this true superstar.