Philadelphia Eagles: Power Ranking Every Coach in Order of Importance

WesAnalyst IJanuary 31, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: Power Ranking Every Coach in Order of Importance

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    Todd Bowles has to love the Philadelphia Eagles.

    It was about a month and a half ago when the Eagles rolled into Miami with a 4-8 record and absolutely dismantled the Dolphins. Tony Sporano was fired the next day and Todd Bowles was named the interim head coach.

    Bowles was eventually let go in favor of Joe Philbin about a week ago. But he didn't have to wait long as the Eagles named him their secondary coach Monday night.

    On a slow news day, Eagles fans will take this news and run with it as a sign that Juan Castillo will eventually be replaced.

    Too bad eventually won't do anyone any good in 2012.

    Let Bowles do his thing and let Castillo prove himself before we start jumping off bridges in panic mode.

    It's not like Bowles matters that much when compared to other coaches, right?

    Here's a list of the Eagles' coaches based on importance excluding quality control coaches. Sorry Duce Staley, Matt Nagy and Bob April, but no one even knows what quality control coaches actually do.

Doug Pederson

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    Doug Pederson: Quarterbacks Coach

    Doug Pederson can't be higher than last on any list simply out of principle.

    If you remember his playing days you know why. Spare us the comments about Pederson's role in developing Donovan McNabb.

    He's still Doug Friggin' Pederson

Tom Melvin

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    Tom Melvin: Tight Ends Coach

    Tom Melvin coaches three players? Maybe.

    Brent Celek has been up and down recently. But seems like his play mostly relies on the play of the offensive line.

Mike Caldwell

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    Mike Caldwell: Linebackers Coach

    This is probably where someone is saying, "You can't make chicken soup out of chicken bleep."

    If he can somehow turn Casey Matthews into a respectable pro he can consider his work well done.

Barry Rubin

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    Barry Rubin: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

    If Brandon Graham is to ever reach his potential Barry Rubin will have a lot to do with it.

Michael Zordich

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    Michael Zordich: Secondary/Safeties Coach

    Michael Zordich was on the field when the Eagles stuffed Emmit Smith twice on 4th-and-1. That alone moves you up on any list.

    Think of it as the anti-Doug Pederson effect.

    Zordich held the position last year yet his job remained safe even though Johnny Lynn got canned. The front office probably fears him spearing someone in the ribs.

Bobby April

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    Bobby April: Special Teams Coordinator

    As the NFL becomes more and more like the NBA teams, they must win special team battles if they expect to win a Super Bowl.

    How is the NFL like the NBA?

    No lead is safe, teams go on runs and you can catch the most important parts by turning on the game for the last five minutes.

Ted Williams

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    Ted Williams: Running Backs Coach

    Would anyone be surprised if LeSean McCoy breaks down a little next year?

    If so, Ted Williams better get Dion Lewis ready for an increased workload.

David Culley

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    David Culley: Wide Receivers

    David Culley may emerge as a household name if DeSean Jackson leaves Philly.

    Culley would have to make some major developments with players who may not be ready to step up in the roles they are asked to play.

Todd Bowles

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    Todd Bowles: Secondary Coach

    How much of a difference does a secondary coach really make?

    Is he going to suddenly remind Nnamdi Asomugha how to play cornerback again?

    Oh, he's going to serve as a motivator for Juan Castillo to get his act in gear or else he will replace Castillo next year.

    The only problem with that is the entire coaching staff might be gone if Reid is fired.

Marty Mornhinweg

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    Marty Mornhinweg: Offensive Coordinator

    Don't we all wish Andy Reid was telling Marty Mornhinweg what plays to call? It would give us that much more reason to dislike Reid.

    Whether Mornhinweg is making the play calls or not, Reid will still take the heat and Marty will not be seen as important as he should be.

Jim Washburn

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    Jim Washburn: Defensive Line Coach

    Not gonna say it. We all know the front he uses, but it's up to Juan Castillo to figure out when to use it and how to use it.

Juan Castillo

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    Juan Castillo: Defensive Coordinator

    At some point Juan Castillo has to be held accountable of the defense regardless of what Jim Washburn does.

    It's his defense and he has to make the calls that he will ultimately be held accountable for.

    Depending on how well he coaches next year could determine the success of the Eagles.

Howard Mudd

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    Howard Mudd: Offensive Line Coach

    The most important player on the Eagles roster is Michael Vick. Any significant injury to Vick can completely derail a season.

    The unit in charge with protecting Vick is the O-line. And the man in charge of that unit is Howard Mudd.

Andy Reid

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    Andy Reid: Head Coach

    He runs the show, calls the shots, picks the personnel and will ultimately be the one who takes the credit or the blame next season.

    If he doesn't at least go to the Super Bowl next year it may be his last season.