Royal Rumble 2012: 5 Reasons Kharma's Appearance Will Save Divas Division

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 31, 2012

Royal Rumble 2012: 5 Reasons Kharma's Appearance Will Save Divas Division

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    Let me state for the record, I did call Kharma as one of the surprise entrants in the 2012 Royal Rumble. It was awesome seeing her take out Michael Cole (with the help of Jerry Lawler and Booker T) and Hunico.

    But what an entrance, on a night where anyone (and I mean anyone) and everyone (and I mean everyone) could have entered the event.

    Kharma's return did more for her and the divas in the WWE than you may realize. Remember, it was Beth Phoenix who defeated Kelly Kelly earlier in the evening after declaring it was "her ring."

    Finally there is hope for the divas in the WWE and it looks like more of them are getting a real push toward making things interesting as the WWE divas march toward WrestleMania 28.

She Can Get Even with the Bella Twins

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    Before she left the WWE because she was great with child, Kharma addressed the WWE Universe.

    The Bella Twins had some choice words for her and her pregnancy. It was in poor taste and done with a little "idiocy" by creative.

    But now, Kharma has the chance to go through the "heel" divas much like Beth Phoenix goes through everyone in her path.

    Two females set to collide. Look out!

It Gives Eve a Chance to Turn Heel

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    I thought she would do this in the angle with Zack Ryder, Kane and John Cena.

    I thought she would side with Kane against Ryder. And this could eventually happen. Of course, she would need to take more acting lessons first.

    Eve changing sides would set up nicely for a feud with Kelly Kelly or Alicia Fox, or both.

Tamina Must Join the Fray, Maybe Tag Team Partners

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    I love this idea.

    Could a tag team division be created and with it could we see these two exotic women as a tag team?

    Tamina has really come through the past few weeks and if we were to see her do more with her off-the-top rope antics, the WWE crowds who watched her father Jimmy Snuka would really get behind the both of them.

We Have Someone Else to Cheer for Other Than Kelly Kelly

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    Someone who can wrestle and use raw power and ability to please the crowds.

    It is about time the WWE started learning how to compete with TNA Impact in this category.

    The boys and girls in Florida can teach the WWE a thing or two about getting the women involved in broadcasts on a weekly basis.

She Can Feud with Beth Phoenix for the Divas Crown at WrestleMania 28

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    The list of possible contestants frankly is boring to me.

    At least this is a fair fight.

    So much has been made of how Phoenix runs through every female on the roster and frankly, I would love to see Kharma become a beloved wrestler like Chyna was in years past.

    Plus, this match could go longer than five minutes, leaving WWE fans pleased as punch.