Kimbo Slice: Moving Up In MMA

Racan AlhochCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008

Kimbo Slice is in your face with only two professional MMA fights under his belt. To many his future in the professional MMA world has yet to be decided.

I, like many others, had my doubts about Slice's transition from street brawling to the professional MMA world.  This guy was fighting in backyards a little over a year ago, how could he possibly get into the ring with a professionally trained fighter and hold his own?  BAM is the only word one could use to explain how Kimbo is leaving a trail of unconscious bodies on the way to the top.

It is apparent that Kimbo's main weapon is his monstrous punching power.  It won him a first round TKO against Bo Cantrell on November 10, 2007, and a TKO in 43 seconds against Tank Abbott on Feb. 16, 2008.

The one thing Kimbo may not have is grappling capabilities.  It's easy to see that from his fight against Boston police officer turned MMA fighter, Sean "The Cannon" Gannon.  Though it wasn't a professional fight, one can see that once Gannon made it past the bombardment of punches and closed the gap Kimbo had no reaction, nor did he seem to be comfortable.  Kimbo himself says that he prefers to stay off the ground, even though he has recently been spending many hours in the gym practicing wrestling and Jiujitsu.

Outside of the ring Kimbo has something that is unattainable to many fighters today, intimidation.  His internet broadcast reputation as an undefeatable bare knuckle street brawler follows him into the professional MMA world.

Kimbo Slice might be the greatest thing to happen in MMA within the last few years, but surely he can be pitted up against better fighters than Bo Cantrell and Tank Abbott.  Both have more losses than wins within the last few years.  Personally I think in order to get the challenge that he needs, Slice has to make a name in the UFC.  Maybe it's time he starts negotiating with Mr. Dana White if he really wants to leave a scar on the face of the MMA world.  Nonetheless, the verdict on Kimbo Slice is out; he's on his way to the top.