Tim Tebow's 4 Craziest, Action-Packed Plays of the Season

Austin Quick@@AustinQuickBRContributor IIIJanuary 30, 2012

Tim Tebow's 4 Craziest, Action-Packed Plays of the Season

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    Say what you want about Tim Tebow.  He may struggle throwing the ball, he may never be a successful quarterback and he may never duplicate the wins that he had this year.

    But one thing that's hard to deny, though, is that Tebow is fun to watch.

    Maybe he's fun to watch because of his ineptitude, or maybe it's because of his unconventional playing style.  Whatever the reason is, though, it's hard to deny his excitement factor.

    Whether Tebow is breaking tackles, getting sacked for 20-yard losses or throwing fades down the field, he keeps fans on the edge of our seats.

    Without further ado, here are Tebow's four craziest plays of the year.

Play No. 4: Deep Fade to Decker

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    To the casual observer, this play wouldn't seem to be very "crazy," so to speak.  A nice touch pass on the fade seems like a pass that every NFL quarterback should make.

    But what makes this play crazy is the fact that this completion alone was 50 percent of Tebow's completions on the day.

    Yes, that's right.

    This single completion would total half of the two completions that Tebow had on the day, but he definitely made it count. 

    This play kept Denver's winning streak alive and was a crucial turning point of the season.

Play No. 3: The Ultimate Hail Mary

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    The play that we are speaking about is the very last play of the video and boy is it a crazy play. 

    I remember sitting at home watching this epic comeback.  It all came down to Tebow's Hail Mary, and in my opinion, it was the craziest Hail Mary I have ever seen.

    Normally, when you think of a Hail Mary, the first one that comes to mind is probably Doug Flutie's.

    A simple roll out to one side and heave it to the end zone.  But Tebow had his own idea, which included running around in circles for a little bit, avoiding multiple tackles and heaving his pass on the run.

    Despite blatant pass interference on the Chargers in the end zone, the pass fell incomplete and the comeback effort fell short.

Play No. 2: The Mile High Goodbye

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    Not a lot of flash to this one, but the circumstances around it make it one of the craziest plays of the year.

    The Denver Broncos entered the game as huge underdogs; many experts expected the Steelers' pass defense to eat Tebow alive.  Instead, Tebow decided to flip the script.

    Despite outplaying the Steelers in regulation, the game was tied and headed to overtime. 

    Instead of trying out the new overtime rules, Tebow and Demaryius Thomas decided they would take this game over.

    One play, 80 yards, 12 seconds and game over. 

    Just like that, Tebow had Broncos fans jumping for joy.

Play No. 1: The Scramble

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    If anyone has yet to see this play, they are in for a treat.  This play is quite simply ridiculous.  In all my days of watching NFL football, I have never quite seen a play like this.

    Granted, this was a preseason game, but this play is still the craziest Tebow play I have ever seen.

    This play starts like many other Tebow plays—a simple drop back.  No receivers were immediately open,  so he broke off for a scramble. 

    Unfortunately, Tebow's scramble was running out of real estate.  He broke tackles, retreated behind the line of scrimmage and attempted a pass. 

    Someone should have told Tebow that you can't do that in the NFL.

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