WWE News: Huge Pushes Reportedly in Store for Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 31, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As much as I like to complain about the wrestlers who do and do not get pushed in the WWE, I have to admit that I’ve been very impressed with the way the company has been pushing new talent lately. 

On Monday Night RAW, we’ve had CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler battling it out for the WWE Championship, while on Friday Night SmackDown Daniel Bryan is the World Heavyweight Champion. 

The creative team finally has decided to push talent over looks, which is why rumors of two upcoming pushes aren’t exactly sitting well with me. 

From the Wrestling Globe Newsletter (via WrestleNewz.com)

Bryan Alvarez reports that as of a few days ago, WWE officials were considering renewing Ezekiel Jackson’s push. The Guyanese grappler, however, was a non-factor in tonight’s 30-man Royal Rumble Match. 

Oh boy. This news can’t get any worse, can it? Well, apparently it can. 

From F4Wonline.com (via WrestleNewz.com): 

Despite not appearing in the 30-man Royal Rumble match, word is that WWE officials are still planning on pushing Mason Ryan again. Since they are still looking to move forward with the push, Ryan was likely kept out with the feeling that the Rumble wouldn’t do anything positive for him. 

It things like this that that both infuriate me and leave my shaking my head. 

While I can respect both Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson for all of the hard work they’ve done and still do, I have never and will never view them as anything more than two wrestlers who look like a million bucks, but wrestle like they’re worth $20. 

They’re fine in small doses and in roles that are suitable to their skill sets—like as bodyguards, perhaps—but there’s no reason why these guys should be pushed while other wrestlers who are much more talented get overlooked. 

Why would you put the spotlight on Ryan and Jackson when their move sets consist of clotheslines and body slams? Why not give their spots to guys like Tyson Kidd or Justin Gabriel instead? 

The fans could absolutely not care less about Ryan and Jackson, but some of the smaller, more athletic wrestlers like Kidd and Gabriel actually generate a reaction because what they do in the ring is very impressive. 

I really hope that the creative team reconsiders and pulls the plug on the reported pushes for both Ryan and Jackson. 

It’s not that I have anything personal against the guys. It’s just that I don’t think they should be pushed unless they’ve improved dramatically in the ring.


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