NHL All Star Game: 15 Greatest Moments of All-Star Weekend

Isaac SmithAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2012

NHL All Star Game: 15 Greatest Moments of All-Star Weekend

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    The 2012 NHL All-Star Weekend in Ottawa is history.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to get a media credential from Bleacher Report, and got to see some pretty cool sights.

    Speaking of pretty cool sights, there were some pretty good ones that everyone saw on television.

    Let's just recap the 15 greatest moments of this weekend, and I'll see if I missed anything.

15. #HartnellDown Four Times (With Help from Teammates)

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    So if you have no idea how to use Twitter, you will have no idea what #HartnellDown means.

    Let me explain.

    Apparently, Scott Hartnell has a hard time staying on his skates during games.

    That is to say, he falls a lot. In fact, the number of times he has "fallen" this season, according to hartnelldown.com, is 189 times.

    Well in the All-Star Game, Hartnell promised to donate $1,000 to a charity for every time that he fell.

    With the help of Flyers teammate Claude Giroux, Hartnell fell a few more times than he might have fallen normally.

    Hartnell  donated $4,000 at the end of the game. Whether all of that would have come out without a little bit of help from teammates is another story.

14. Super Kane

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    Well since there was no Alexander Ovechkin at this year's NHL Breakaway Competition we had to have someone else step up and take over his antics.

    Patrick Kane did just that with a little help from Marian Hossa, with a superhero-like effort.

    Just watch the video, it's an instant classic.

13. Carey Price Submits His Vote for Best Breakaway Challenge Player BACKWARDS

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    Well when it was announced that the Breakaway Challenge would be decided by fan vote, I think Carey Price had it in his mind that he wanted to win.

    Price stopped Matt Read backwards on this breakaway, and by doing so, probably should have been a close second place behind Patrick Kane's effort.

    Backwards...what will they think of next?

12. Carey Price Tebows

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    This likely isn't the best view of it, but Carey Price actually "Tebows" on this play.

    Given his Tebow attempt wasn't as successful as he was scored on, but for those who understood what he was doing right away, it provided a laugh or two.

    Price's antics in the Breakaway Challenge could have earned him a winning nomination (as voted on by fans) but as he was not an option on the ballot and Patrick Kane outdid him at the other end, it wasn't really an option for him to win.

11. Perry Submits His Nomination for Best Breakaway with a Mini Stick

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    I wonder if Corey Perry got this idea from the mini-sticks that were floating around at the "Fan Fair" at the Ottawa Convention Center.

    Perry broke in on Brian Elliott and stopped at the top of the circles.

    He tosses his gloves away and pulls out a mini stick, and scores on Elliott who plays along giving Perry a wide open net to score on.

10. Zdeno Chara Sets Record for NHL's Hardest Shot at 108.8

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    Zdeno Chara didn't really have to say anything after he was done with the hardest shot competition.

    All of his shots exceeded last year's record of 105.9, but the only shot that mattered was the one that read 108.8 on the radar gun.

9. Alfredsson Pots Two Goals in a Minute and a Half

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    When Alfredsson drafted both Sedin twins on his team, I wondered in my live analysis if we might see an Sedin-Alfie-Sedin line.

    It didn't take too long for that to materialize in the later stages of the first period, and boy did it pay dividends.

    Take a look at Alfredsson's second goal when playing with the Sedins—they do the hard part and set up a teammate for a tap in goal.

    This was the first lead of the game for Team Alfredsson, but it was short lived.

8. Marian Gaborik Goes "Anisimov" on Henrik Lundqvist

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    Marian Gaborik got rolling early in this game and helped Team Chara jump out to a 3-0 lead, with two goals of his own on his Rangers' teammate, Henrik Lundqvist.

    Anyone remember Artem Anisimov shooting the net with his stick against Tampa Bay (and then getting some words for it)?

    Marian Gaborik did the same thing (in good fun of course) when he scored his first goal against Lundqvist.

    It gets better though, as Gaborik wasn't done scoring just yet.

7. The Marian Gaborik Show Rolls on with a Hat Trick

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    Watching Marian Gaborik dominate through the first 22 game minutes of the All-Star Game was just a thing of beauty.

    Gaborik, Datsyuk and Hossa could not be stopped, and Gaborik completed his hat trick with a goal just 1:23 into the second period.

    That hat trick goal is something to marvel at because goaltender Jonathan Quick was going the complete wrong direction, and from where I was sitting, I couldn't help but shake my head because of how little of a chance Quick had on the play.

6. Carey Price Reminds Us That All-Star Game Isn't All About Offense

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    Carey Price makes his third appearance on this list.

    Price really has the short end of the stick in Montreal with his anemic offense, as he has a .500 record with a pretty decent GAA and save percentage (2.40 and 91.4 respectively).

    Here, a big glove save on Jason Spezza keeps Team Chara within striking distance down only 6-5.

5. Jimmy Howard Denies Steven Stamkos' Penalty Shot

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    As you can imagine, this game could have had a lot more goals than it did.

    A 12-9 game is a lot of scoring, but a Steven Stamkos penalty shot attempt (apparently only the second ever penalty shot given in an All-Star Game, the first given when Alex Ovechkin threw his stick at a player on a breakaway) did not find the back of the net against Jimmy Howard.

    If Stamkos had not tried the spin-o-rama, he might have scored, as he was not denied in the elimination shootout last night.

4. Zdeno Chara Scores on an Odd Man Rush On... a Wrist Shot?

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    We all saw him win the hardest shot competition and we all know how good defense he can play (Chara was a plus-seven on the night).

    But did you know that Chara can skate, and he can score goals in the slot on wrist shots as well?

    Now you do.

    Nice saucer pass by Gaborik to set up the big man in the slot.

3. Coolest Ice Sculpture I've Ever Seen

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    This ice sculpture has no frame of reference so I will tell you that it is over 10 feet high.

    The detail that went into carving this thing is unbelievable, once one sees it up close.

    Just another part of the magnificence that went in to putting All-Star weekend together in Ottawa.

2. NHL Fan Fair

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    The NHL Fan Fair was one of the biggest successes of the weekend.

    From mascots, to players coming out to spend time with the fans, signing autographs and hanging out in the Skills Zone, this Fan Fair had it all.

    There was plenty of memorabilia to go around, and of course pictures like this one are priceless.

1. NHL Trophies "Skate" the Rideau Canal

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    This was probably the coolest part of the weekend.

    The NHL's trophies were put on sleds, and pulled down the Rideau Canal to the Convention Center on Thursday.

    The Rideau Canal is the world's longest outdoor skating rink at just over 4.2 miles long.

    Given, the trophies weren't on the Canal for that long, but it was still a sight to see.


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