UFC 143 Fight Card: 10 Reasons to Be Excited for This Event

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 30, 2012

UFC 143 Fight Card: 10 Reasons to Be Excited for This Event

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    After the show that the UFC put on FOX it could be easy to get discouraged. The fights weren't the most exciting even if they did have some of the best fighters in the world competing in them.

    However, the UFC 143 card has a lot of fighters who are known for bringing excitement and winning bonuses stacked on the card and facing each other, which is always a good sign. The UFC may stumble every now and then, but for the most part they know how to put on a great event.

    So here to help remind you why MMA is worth getting excited for are the top 10 reasons to get jazzed about UFC 143.

The Fourth Straight Week of Top Level MMA in a Row

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    Remember only a few years ago when there would sometimes be two cards in a month's span and it would be a cause for excitement?

    Those days are long gone and now the UFC is so full of fighters and opportunities that they are able to have a fight card at the end of December, three in January and one in the beginning of February. For fight fans there is no greater feeling.

    This one may be a pay-per-view, but the last two weren't and that doesn't hurt either.

    For crazed MMA fans there is no such thing as too many fights.

    It's like saying it's too cold for ice cream.

There Are Free Fights on Facebook

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    In this writer's humble opinion there should always be a couple free fights on the Internet. That way no matter where someone lives he has a chance to see some MMA and fall in the love with the sport if he already hasn't.

    It isn't perfect, like all things in life aren't, but there are still regions in the world that don't allow MMA on TV or don't have deals in place with the UFC and can't see the fights. Some people might go on the Internet and try to watch the fights, which they can, but it would be nice if they could get something free along with their purchase as well.

    Plus free fights on the Internet allow for fans to interact with each other and comment on the fights at hand.

Free Fights on FX

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    No matter what may have been said on the last slide, free fights on TV are still a great option.

    Just a year ago fans had to settle for two free fights on Spike TV, but with the new deal with FOX the UFC has been able to put multiple bouts on FX. This time the number is four.

    That is as much as the first FX card and almost every Spike TV card fans have gotten to see in the past.

    Are the fights on the same level as those in the cards mentioned? No, but fights are fights as mentioned before and the fact that fans get what amounts to a free card worth of fights the same night as a pay-per-view should put smiles on faces.

Ring Card Girls

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    Is there ever an excuse not to put this in an article? Nope, didn't think so.

    There could be a few paragraphs explaining this one, but let's face it, no one would pay attention.

The Fight Card Is Varied with Different Kinds of Martial Artists

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    Everything from wrestlers to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artists to strikers show up on this card. In a sport that is having more and more collegiate and high school amateur wrestlers come in it is refreshing to see some variation to the formula.

    Yes, there are wrestlers on the card, but that doesn't mean that the card is chock full of them.

    And that is a great thing as variation is what we want in this sport. If everything were supposed to be the same, fans would watch boxing.

    So seeing a few different moves is a good thing.

If Renan Barao Wins His Fight He May Just Get a Title Shot

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    Renan Barao is undefeated in the UFC just as he was in the WEC when it was around. There is no denying the talent of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based fighter.

    He may even be on the cusp of fighting for the title, but he needs to get past Scott Jorgensen to do it. Jorgensen may not finish fights, but he is a top fighter in the bantamweight division and if Barao wants a shot at the title he is going to not only need to win, but do it decisively.

    Fans should watch closely to see if a new challenger emerges from the match because if Barao wins that is exactly what will happen.

How Will the Slimmer Roy Nelson Look in His Fight with Werdum

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    On a personal note, I believe that Nelson will lose to Werdum.

    But on a professional note it depends on when he shows up and what he looks like. He might be able to take the fight with his grappling or even keep the fight standing if he is in great shape.

    Nelson is known for his comedy gold, but he really is talented and if his slimmed down physique helps him win fights then he might just be able to take one run at the UFC title.

    Fans will get to find out how great he can be Saturday night and if he is a talented, but limited fighter or if he is someone who could really compete for UFC gold.

Fans Will Get to Find Out Who Becomes the Interim Champion

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    Even an interim champion is still a champion. In boxing it happens way too much to take it seriously, but in MMA there is enough of a lack of champions and layoffs that when it happens it can still be a huge moment for fighters.

    More important than the belt is the fact that whoever wins gets a mandatory shot at Georges St-Pierre. While a number one contender could be pushed aside if a bigger fight came along, an interim champ can't.

    If the UFC had two champions fighting for the promotion it would seem a bit ludicrous and fail to work. So barring a strange injury the winner of this fight should immediately fight Georges St-Pierre to unify the titles no matter what happens.

The Main Event Will Be an Exciting One

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    Mentioning the main event might be a bit cheap, but it is a genuinely exciting fight.

    Both Condit and Diaz love to throw leather and both make for exciting submissions if it goes to the ground. Neither one is much for wrestling and trying to ground out decision wins.

    The fight is scheduled for five rounds, but it shouldn't go the distance if both men fight the way they usually do.

    That isn't a guarantee, but fans should feel safe putting their money down for this one as it shows every sign of being able to deliver.

Nick Diaz's Post-Fight Interview

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    Win or lose this is going to be strange and hilarious. Much like a post-modern art exhibit there will be times when it will leave you scratching your head and at other times laughing inappropriately, but no matter what you won't see anything like it anywhere else.

    Depending on how many times Diaz gets punched in the head it may end up becoming more entertaining than the fight before it.

    That isn't to say that either man won't be able to deliver a great performance, but that Diaz interviews are just that great. 

    Fans may not pay to see fighters talk, but in this one instance they might want to reconsider.

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