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Oklahoma City Thunder: What If They Were in LA, Boston, New York or Chicago?

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Oklahoma City Thunder: What If They Were in LA, Boston, New York or Chicago?
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We are just about 20 games through a 66-game season, and the Oklahoma City Thunder sport the league's best record at 16-3. 

Still, the young Thunder don't seem to get the respect they deserve.  Which brings me to my question: Where is the love for OKC?

One might wonder how they'd be treated if this same Thunder team were sporting Lakers, Bulls or Celtics jerseys.

Of course, we all know everyone and their mothers would be lined up to join the band wagon if these same players were in a big market.

I believe the reason for this treatment is that big cities and NBA greats are jealous—jealous that a small, supposedly country town has a basketball team that can come into New York or LA and flat out kick their butts.

Truth be told, this young Thunder team—who, by the way, haven't even begun to reach their prime—have the tools to challenge some of the greatest dynasties in the history of the league.

Don't believe me?  Check back with me when Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Cook and Ibaka are all at least 26 years old. 

I can't remember a team in NBA history that was this young and this good.  This team has everything—they bring excitement; they're athletic; and they have three point shooters, defensive specialist and scorers.

I've watched and played a lot of basketball, and I really can't remember a team where everyone fit in so perfectly.

If the Thunder can stay together and not let the big city media create a problem within their team, I promise you that this same team will own the NBA very soon.

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