Islanders-Capitals: Isles Eclipse Washington

Dee KarlSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2008

Was it the lunar eclipse?  Did Ted channel Herb Brooks?  Did Mike Comrie sell his soul to the Devil?  What happened last night?

Well it seems like the moon and Alexander the Great both were eclipsed at once, and I’m still shaking my head.

For months I’ve had the same argument with my husband, but finally his tune changed last night.  “I will just shut up now,” he said.

Week after week, we battled back and forth.  I’d rationalize an agonizing loss: “But they worked hard.  You can’t fault their effort…They tried.”  And he’d respond: “A GREAT team FINDS a way to win, Dee.”  

Instinctually I tried to protect the boys, just like a mother bear backed into a corner.  Always I was confronted with “They’re not GOOD enough.  They don’t have it in them.”

“FINE! Make your own dinner!”

But then there was a win, and we both smiled.  It was followed by another and another until we’d not only built a streak, but a minor miracle.  

Last night, I wasn’t surprised at Miro’s goal.  He should be producing; it’s expected.  I didn’t care that Vasicek’s goal was an unlikely bank off Kolzig’s pads.  It was a goal nonetheless, and the way it lit up Tank’s face was just priceless.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, we were both happy with just the one point.  “Just get to overtime, boys!  Just get to overtime!”

The horn sounded and Ovechkin was visibly upset with his being shut down by, of all people, Radek Martinek.  Again, the eclipse HAD to have something to do with THAT!

Never had the post been more a friend to Ricky than it was last night; the clanging sound was promptly followed by my screams.  

A boring game that I’d barely bothered to watch turned into a “fight to the finish” and had me gasping for air.  Fool that I am, I announced, “If Mike Comrie gets the third goal, I will just throw up.”

Now, I was safe during overtime as no one scored.

But who would have ever thought that he would pull through as the final shooter.  As Mike the Magician managed to sneak the puck beneath Kolzig to win the game in spectacular fashion, I sat on the couch awestruck.

“You puke, you clean it up,” I heard from the other side of the couch.

Tonight is full moon Thursday at the barn against an angry and disappointed Tampa Bay.  Let’s see if this streak turns into another “Miracle on Ice.”