Shaun White Video: Watch X-Games Legend Reach Perfection with 100 Score

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2012

Forget Tom Brady, Albert Pujols and Lionel Messi, the most dominant individual athlete in sports today is Shaun White. The snowboarding legend proved his greatness once again at the Winter X Games on Sunday night by achieving a perfect score in the SuperPipe. 

Greatness is not just defined by the number of titles you win, but by the way that you win. White is head and shoulders above the competition, and he carries himself like a star even though he doesn't have an ego problem. 

His run on Sunday night encapsulated everything that White has done throughout his career. It was flashy, but elegant. It was brilliant, but subtle. It was, in a word, perfect.

There have been more dangerous or risky tricks attempted, but what White did was so smooth, so fluid, so textbook that it was more than deserving of the score it received. 

White could have tried something insane to try wowing the judges and giving himself a brief highlight reel moment forever, but instead he kept things relatively simple. He had a plan going in, executed it beautifully and was rewarded with a victory. 

At some point, the other snowboarders are just going to throw their hands up in the air and wonder what it will take to stop this man. Perhaps this is just one of those rare instances in sports where there is no competition left for White. 

We could go through and list all the superlatives that describe White's career as a whole or this run specifically, but it is more fun to just sit back and let him tell us everything that we need to know. 

If anyone ever asks you what perfect snowboarding technique looks like, just click on this video and tell them to study it. They may not be able to duplicate it, but at least they will know what it is.