WWE RAW: Complete Preview, News and More for Jan. 30

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus leaps towards the Big Red Monster Kane during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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After one of the wildest Royal Rumble pay-per-views in recent history, the WWE will have to put on one of their best editions of RAW on Monday night to ensure their storylines really start to take form.

With Triple H’s return and Sheamus’ Rumble win, there is no lack of stories for this week’s episode and the fans should be very excited for this show. Let the road to WrestleMania begin.


Where: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Kan.

When: Monday, January 30, 9 p.m. ET

Watch: USA Network


Royal Rumble Winner Sheamus

In one of the wildest Royal Rumbles in recent history, the WWE saw legends like Mick Foley, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and “Road Dogg” Jesse James return to the ring only to be thrown over the top rope like the jobbers they have become.

While there were plenty of surprises, there was no bigger surprise than watching Sheamus throw Y2J over the top rope and winning the Rumble.

I knew that WWE loved this guy, but this means they feel he is ready to be one of the top faces in the company. If he succeeds with the belt, he may be the face big enough to allow the WWE to turn John Cena heel eventually.


If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

In the words of the greatest American of all-time, Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first Chris Jericho, you’re last!”

While Jericho went through his whole epic return and made the fans wait to hear him speak only to say nothing of relevance, the world he was supposed to change has stayed the same.

I hated the whole Y2J return gimmick and last night’s main event proved that all the things I was saying were exactly true. Jericho better get into a feud fast because his lack of a direction is starting to annoy me.


Johnny Ace is Fretting Triple H

As much as Johnny Ace bugs me as a character, that’s what he is supposed to do. For the first time in John Laurinaitis’ life, he is actually good at something.

With the evil General Manager persona working well, the infusion of Triple H back into the storyline will be a welcomed change to the norm that has formed on RAW.

At the Royal Rumble, Johnny Ace catered to everyone’s needs to show that he is a good leader, but Triple H's lack of respect for the Funkman will have him fired and Mr. H is back in power.


Zig Zag and CM Punk Put on a Show

With the ever-present Johnny Ace looming during this whole match, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler quietly stole the show with their stellar match.

With the perfect amount of ring distractions and close calls, the way the match turned out is probably exactly how the WWE expected it to. Vinny Mac has to be happy.

As good as this match and whole feud has been, this looks like the end of the road for the most underrated feud in the WWE right now. Hopefully, we get more Ziggler vs. Punk in the future, but WWE hates allowing the fans to have fun and enjoy themselves.


Kane Almost Kills Zack Ryder…Again

While the fans were looking to the WWE for a clear and concise ending to the current John Cena storyline with Kane, it is far from over. Sorry, Zack Ryder.

This feud is far from over and if the recent trend continues, Ryder will show up on RAW tonight in a full body cast. With Ryder out of commission, Kane will probably run him over or something ridiculous to drive home the point that he is still so evil.

I honestly have no idea where the company is taking this story, but it has all the makings of Ryder turning on Cena and Cena turning heel. Whether they can turn their biggest star heel is an argument for a different day.


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