WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Results: What We Learned from Sheamus' Win

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2012

Image Courtesy of: mrigfx.deviantart.com
Image Courtesy of: mrigfx.deviantart.com

The night is over, and we have a new star headed to WrestleMania.

In the end, it wasn't Randy Orton who couldn't even make it to the final two despite being the hometown hero. It wasn't the end of the world with a Chris Jericho win. No, Sheamus is going to WrestleMania.

After facing off in an epic final showdown with Jericho as the last two, Sheamus would take that final step and become the Royal Rumble winner with a chance to co-main event WM (beside Rock vs. Cena).

The question is: what does this all mean going forward?

WrestleMania is right around the corner with only three men confirmed for the event: The Rock, John Cena and Sheamus.

That means that next to the two biggest stars for WWE today, Sheamus is getting his rub. Not Orton who seems a likely favorite. Not Jericho, the dependable veteran.

Sheamus has gone down a long road to get to this moment. He came to the WWE on fire. After a short but successful run as a monster in ECW, Sheamus came to Raw and was given a "go straight to the main event" card like you only see once in five or six years at the least.

Sheamus won a battle royal orchestrated by Raw guest host Jesse Ventura where he was given a main event match against the WWE Champion at TLC in a tables match which, to the shock of everyone, Sheamus won.

This would be Sheamus' ticket as he eventually became a two-time WWE Champion, and he never seemed to be ready to slow down. This would cause many to hate Sheamus because they felt he wasn't ready for the main event scene.

Image Courtesy of: wwe.com
Image Courtesy of: wwe.com

Sheamus would hit a slump soon, though, thanks to politics and become the ridiculous King Sheamus decked out in red "royal" attire. This lead to a series of bad losses with Sheamus finally being drafted to SmackDown.

By this point, most who had been against Sheamus early in his career had begun giving him more credit. They pulled for him, and Sheamus rose to the occasion. He became a consistent presence on SmackDown after a huge face turn that radically changed Sheamus' career outlook.

Sheamus would go on a tear that was only seen by stars like Cena and Orton where Sheamus simply seemed unable to lose. The problem was that Sheamus fit nowhere. Too good for the midcard scene but not fitting as a main event challenger.

Sunday, that changed as well. Sheamus has turned everything into this moment. While some would say that Sheamus as a two-time WWE Champion is already a serious main eventer, only now is Sheamus almost at the level to consistently fit for that title.

With a Rumble win, Sheamus books his ticket to face a champion of his choosing and finally become a star. This is the moment where WWE creative has given the Celtic Warrior the green light.

Watch out because no matter who Sheamus faces there is no one who will stop his rise. In order to complete this journey, Sheamus will almost certainly beat whoever he faces at WrestleMania whether it be Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton or even Dolph Ziggler.

Sheamus will finally end the Royal Rumble winner losing streak if this win means anything, and I can think everyone can agree at least in some fashion that Sheamus has paid his dues to make it to that pinnacle.

What do you think? Will Sheamus become World Champion at WrestleMania? Does he deserve to be champion? Who will he face?

Leave any all ideas and comments down below. Thanks for reading!