UFC on Fox 2 Results: Phil Davis and 5 Fighters Who Were Pushed Too Soon

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIJanuary 30, 2012

UFC on Fox 2 Results: Phil Davis and 5 Fighters Who Were Pushed Too Soon

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    After watching Phil Davis' performance in Chicago, it was clear that Davis simply wasn't on the same level as Rashad Evans.

    Davis shouldn't feel alone in the fact that the UFC pushed him too fast. Whether it's due to injury, lack of stars, or simply an entertaining matchup, a fighter can be pushed too soon in their career.

    We've seen some guys exceed expectations after being pushed too soon but we've also seen some guys crumble from the pressure. Hopefully, Davis will rebound and have a successful career like some of the people on this list.

Georges St-Pierre

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    Before becoming a dominant force in the welterweight division, Georges St-Pierre tasted defeat for the first time.

    In the first of three fights, Matt Hughes was able to submit GSP with just one second remaining in the opening frame.

    GSP did have an impressive showing against Jay Hieron prior to this bout and defeated Karo Parisyan, but it would be hard pressed for anyone to argue that GSP should've been facing Hughes in just his eighth professional bout.

    Hughes meanwhile was competing in his 41st professional fight and was still very much in his prime.

    The loss would teach GSP a lot about himself and it seems that after losing both his fights that he came back even stronger. For any fighter who feels lost after being knocked off their high perch, they should look towards St-Pierre as a symbol of hope that everything will work out in the end.

Phil Davis

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    Originally scheduled for UFC 133 in August, a knee injury forced Phil Davis from his scheduled bout with Rashad Evans.

    After returning from the knee injury, Davis simply didn't look like himself in the Octagon.

    He threw a lot of strikes without fully committing and seemed extremely slow when he did commit to a strike. Evans was able to parry virtually every punch that came his way and dominated Davis on the mat.

    Davis has the tools to be a future 205-pound champion. He just needs to recognize what he did wrong and know that he's a much better fighter than we saw on Saturday.

Dan Hardy

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    You have to hand it to Dan Hardy, he made a believer out of us all for his bout against Georges St-Pierre.

    Hardy had won four-straight fights in the Octagon but those wins included two split decision victories, a knockout of a fighter who's been proven to be susceptible to KO's and a decision victory over Mike Swick.

    Following St-Pierre's pure domination of Hardy in their fight, "The Outlaw" has lost four-straight fights and is still looking to resurrect his career in the Octagon.

    Hardy's push is likely a result of his ability to sell a fight, something that isn't easy going up against a man like GSP. Whatever the UFC's motivation may have been, it's clear now just as it was then, that Hardy simply wasn't ready to face someone of the caliber of GSP.

Brock Lesnar

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    Perhaps nobody symbolizes the "pushed too soon" label like Brock Lesnar.

    After a successful WWE career, Lesnar used his fame to launch himself into the UFC in only his second MMA fight. He lost his UFC debut but rebounded by dominating Heath Herring for three rounds.

    At UFC 91, Lesnar challenged the legendary Randy Couture for the Heavyweight Title.

    The Lesnar-Couture bout is a perfect example of supply and demand working for the UFC. Did Lesnar deserve a title shot? Absolutely not. But the fans demanded it and that's what they got.

    Lesnar was able to win the championship but looking at the crazy ups and downs of his career, it's clear that he would've benefited from being brought along a little slower in order to fully develop his MMA game.

Diego Sanchez

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    If you were one of the few who thought Diego Sanchez was ready to face BJ Penn at UFC 107, let this picture be a reminder to say "No Diego, no!"

    Sanchez had only fought twice at lightweight, a decision victory over Joe Stevenson and a split decision victory of Clay Guida in one of the most exciting, back and forth matches in UFC history.

    He had beaten a number of top level talents, but none of them were at 155-pounds and the majority of those wins were from four years prior. Sanchez was pushed way too fast in the lightweight division based on his work in the welterweight division.

    The loss sent Sanchez back to welterweight where he belongs and certainly looks to be a better fighter.