4 Most Overrated Denver Broncos Currently on the Roster

Adam OdekirkContributor IIJanuary 30, 2012

4 Most Overrated Denver Broncos Currently on the Roster

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    Often times, the term "overrated" brings about connotations of dislike or disrespect for the players that the term is attached to.

    That is not necessarily the case here, as all of the players on the Broncos roster showed up and acquitted themselves well this season, but to compliment an article about "underrated" Broncos, it seemed only fair to write one about the opposite as well.

    This is not an opportunity to trash a few select players on the roster who are ripe for criticism, because there really are none. Instead, these are a few players who are often times referred to in slightly more elevated levels than they deserve to be. 

WR Eddie Royal

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    It has been tough to watch, but it seems like every year since his rookie season, Eddie Royal has become less and less important to the team.

    He still has a spark from time to time on special teams, but his production as a receiver has never been as good as it was in his rookie campaign, and many fans still look at him as if it were.

    Having instability at quarterback can be tough on a receiver, but it shouldn't affect Eddie as much as it has in the past few seasons.

    Eddie Royal has been a fan favorite since he arrived in Denver, but the time is coming where that sentiment may wear thin.

LB D.J. Williams

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    D.J. Williams could be one of the most gifted athletes that has ever played for the Denver Broncos. His history as a running back in high school and all-around athlete at the University of Miami are often told, but his career has not reached the next level as many hoped.

     At times, his tackle output was prolific, but he has never found the consistency to keep him at an elite level over many seasons. Some of that comes down to changes in position and defensive coordinators, but some of it comes down to D.J. himself.

    Those who think this may be crazy need only look back and see how close Williams was to being traded prior to last season.

    WIlliams is a good player, and contributor to this defense, but he is not the superstar that some choose to see him as.

OT Ryan Clady

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    It's sad when injury stunts the growth of a wildly successful career the way it did for Ryan Clady. Again, this is not a situation where anyone is trying to say that Ryan Clady is not the best tackle on this roster and shouldn't be playing, but rather that he isn't the preeminent tackle in the AFC.

    Upon being drafted and up until his ACL tear, Clady was playing like the best tackle in the AFC and maybe the NFL, but his injury has stolen some of Clady's athleticism, and it is a tragedy.

    Make no mistake, Clady deserves to be in the Pro Bowl and should be the Broncos starter for years to come, but sometimes, people get carried away when speaking of him.

CB Andre' Goodman

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    Fans might be replaying the pick-six against the Jets this season which helped win the game for Denver and remembering that it was Goodman who made it happen.

    That play should not be discounted, and Andre' deserves all the credit for making it, but that play is not the norm for Goodman.

    Goodman is not a bad compliment to Champ Bailey and has shown the ability to be in the right place at the right time, but sometimes, he can be made to look bad in coverage.

    It's no secret that Denver would like to upgrade and add depth to the CB position, and it is safe to say that Goodman will be the only returning starter at corner that will be fighting to save his spot.