Tim Lincecum: Predictions for Tim Lincecum with Giants During New Contract

Scott RussellContributor IIJanuary 29, 2012

Tim Lincecum: Predictions for Tim Lincecum with Giants During New Contract

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    The San Francisco Giants were able to lock up Big Time Timmy Jim through the 2013 season for the price of $40.5 million.  Many fans believe that Tim is in it for the money because of this contract, an accusation which is unfair. Tim has performed and wants to know that he is appreciated and valued by the organization which he is putting his life into.

    Let's not forget, Tim often is asked to win games in ways that pitchers for the Yankees and Red Sox do not.  Tim goes out to the mound with the expectation of a complete game shutout and is not satisfied with his performance if it falls short.   Up to this point, Tim Lincecum has done more for Giants baseball that any player in recent memory whose name is not Buster.  

    Lincecum has been with the team since the dog days of 2006, when he gave fans a reason to be excited about Giants baseball.  He helped lead the team to its championship in 2010. He walks into the locker room with a bow-tie and pitches complete games on the field. Timmy represents Giants baseball, and for that, he deserves the eight digit salary that he received.

    Here are five predictions of what the Giants expect from their ace during his two-year contract.

Prediction #1: Tim Will Pitch 400+ Innings

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    Timmy answered questions regarding his durability both in the 2010 playoffs and his consistent career numbers. Lincecum has averaged 32.75 starts and pitched at least 200 innings in each of the last four seasons. This is a trend that you can expect to continue in 2012 and 2013.

Prediction #2: Lincecum Will Fan over 450 Batters

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    Lincecum has averaged 1.096 strikeouts per inning in his career to this point.  Pair this along with the fact that Tim gets to pitch against the Padres, Dodgers, and Rockies, and 225+ strikeouts a season becomes a reality.

Prediction #3: Timmy Will Be an All-Star Twice

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    In 2011, Lincecum ranked in the top 10 in nearly every pitching statistic. He was second in walks, third in strikeouts, fifth in ERA, and eighth in innings pitched. The Giants have an unanimous all-star pitcher in Lincecum. You can expect to see him in Kansas City this July.

Prediction #4: Lincecum Will Win a Third Cy Young Award

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    Tim has unique qualities that make him the perfect candidate for this award.  He is supported by fans and writers alike who are intrigued by his delivery and attitude.  Lincecum has already won the award twice, and he has been in the discussion each of the past four seasons.  The main factor will be his win total.  If the Giants can score enough runs to help Tim to 18+ victories in 2012 or 2013, I expect him to be declared the best pitcher in the National League once again.

Prediction #5: Tim's ERA Will Not Exceed 3.00

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    Lincecum's career ERA is currently 2.98.  Last season, he posted a 2.74 ERA, while pitching to a combination of Eli Whiteside and Chris Stewart. The return of backstop Buster Posey is huge. Timmy and Buster gelled down the stretch in 2010.  Look for the continued development of this dynamic duo and a lower ERA for Tim over the next two years.