Philadelphia 76ers: 5 Reasons the Team's Early Season Play Isn't Fool's Gold

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: 5 Reasons the Team's Early Season Play Isn't Fool's Gold

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    After starting off the season 14-6 with a near flawless 10-2 record at home, to say that the Philadelphia 76ers have shocked most NBA fans in an understatement. However, despite their early success, there are still a good amount of fans out there that believe this is just a fluke.

    Fact: The Sixers are the first team since 1994 to win their first 10 home games by at least 10 points

    True, they have not seen the best competition out there. But the way they have been playing, they can compete against any team in the league.

    They are hold the fourth seed as we speak, but keep in mind that they haven't hit their ceiling yet.

5. Young Talent

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    The Sixers are a young team with a solid young core that can only get better.

    In today's league, the young guys are a good thing to have, and the Sixers' young talent in particular have shown just that. They're quick, transition well, run a very smooth offense and can keep up with any team defensively.

4. Chemistry

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    Although the Sixers do not have a superstar, they are still winning games. The reason behind this is the team chemistry they have, and it's one of the most beautiful things about the team.

    Everyone is contributing in wins, and the thing is, you never know who is going to be the leader. It changes every night. Whether it's Lou Williams coming off the bench and scoring 20, Jrue Holiday with a stellar performance or an all-around game from Andre Iguodala, you honestly don't know, and I like that.

3. Great Defense

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    Right now, the Sixers rank as the best defense in the NBA, holding teams to just 87 points per game.

    The Sixers win most of their games playing defense, and their good defense produces a good transition offense. It's the real core of the team's success, and it leads to a lot of good things.

    Doug Collins has done a great job implementing defense as a top priority and has played a major factor in them winning games.

2. Blowing out Teams

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    Through their 14 wins thus far, the Sixers have outscored teams by at least 20 eight times and have won every other game by at least 10, with the exception of one where they won by eight. In other words, they are winning every game by considerable margins. 

    On top of that, two of their six losses have occurred in overtime and the rest were lost in the fourth quarter. All winnable games.

    True, they have not seen the best competition yet, but they have been doing what they should be doing and that's crushing the teams they've played. 

1. The Bench

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    The bench is the best part of this team in my opinion. It's part of what makes them so unpredictable. Currently, the Sixers' bench ranks third in points and rebounds per game and is second in assists per game. 

    The new "Night Shift," consisting of Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams and Nikola Vucevic, have played a major role this season. Thad can play either the three or the four slot, while Lou does most of the scoring, Turner runs the offense, and Vucevic plays the much needed big presence down low. It works out perfectly.

    It's almost like they have their own hockey lines.

    The Sixers are one of the deepest, if not the deepest, teams in the league.


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    The bottom line is that the Sixers are legit team. They aren't a fluke, so don't expect them to slow down. The fourth seed is a reachable goal for them this year, and they won't settle for less.

    It's a good year for 76ers fans with their new ownership and a young team with high hopes looking to contend in the playoffs. It's really the first time since Allen Iverson that they have posed such an appealing team to fans.

    Although they may not be ready to win it all, they're making their way there and have been playing some good basketball along the way. In the meantime, they'll be a competitive team to watch with the chance of making a run.