Royal Rumble 2012: Undertaker Is Bound to Make His Return for WrestleMania

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2012

There may be no bigger star in the history of the wrestling industry than the Undertaker and it may be time for his hibernation to end.

It’s time to wake the dead man.

With the Royal Rumble officially marking the beginning of the road to WrestleMania, the return of the Undertaker is inevitably coming soon. What better time than the Royal Rumble?

Imagine it. As the clock starts to wind down on the No. 27 participant, the lights go out completely. All of the sudden, the dreaded Undertaker music hits and the long procession of the dead man to the ring begins.

If I were the WWE creative team, I would have his entrance be a full-fledged walkout meant to show the WWE universe that he was back. While it would be amazing to have the Undertaker win the Rumble, he doesn’t need the belt to be relevant when he has the streak.

You can’t have the Undertaker get eliminated in his return, though. So what’s the solution?

Have Undertaker eliminate himself.

What I would have Undertaker do is walk into the ring—now full of stunned participants—and just point at whoever his next feud will be. Whether it’s Chris Jericho or Triple H or whoever, Undertaker needs to take his hat off in true form and just point at one person.

The rest of the superstars will gladly move aside to let Undertaker beat down on the one superstar. Once he hits the tombstone on his next opponent, he should throw him over the top rope and climb over the top after him, thus eliminating himself.

Undertaker can then drag the superstar to the back and show the crowd that all he came back for was to destroy whichever star the WWE chooses.

No matter how it’s actually done, this should be a wild night!


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