NBA: Take Your Pick, Who Would You Rather Have?

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IFebruary 20, 2008


I was thinking about the NBA and pondering some questions in my head. I am curious about what you think, so please comment and respond with your opinion.

Question: Which superstar would you rather build your team around RIGHT NOW (next 3 or 4 years): Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

My Pick: Kobe Bryant.  Kobe Bryant is the most clutch player in the NBA. He has plenty of playoff experience, and he simply gets the job done. Kobe has a huge will to win, and will win regardless of what his teammates do.

Kobe is more polished. LeBron may have a higher vertical leap and 40-yard dash, but he is raw. Kobe understands situations better, and doesn't take horrible shots or force the ball. Kobe is more level headed and always remains calm.

Question: Which young star player would you start your franchise with (long term, whole career): Dwight Howard or Chris Paul?

My Pick: Dwight Howard. He is so athletic and has a freakish body. He can run, jump, and is the total package. Once his body grows out, he will be a man-child and dominate the NBA on physical ability alone. Besides physical ability, Dwight is excellent on the glass. He is a rebounding monster, and gets many double-doubles. Howard is a defensive presence, and blocks shots.

Dwight Howard will dominate, and plus, I'd rather build around a big guy, than a small guy.


I have a question for you: If you needed one NBA player (from any era, all time of the NBA, but NOT MICHAEL JORDAN) to win one game that you absolutely had to win, who would it be ?