Cleveland Browns Made a Wise Move in Hiring Brad Childress

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 28, 2012

Brad Childress
Brad ChildressJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Brad Childress is going to end up helping the Cleveland Browns more than most people expect.

It's been clear for over a year now that the Browns needed an offensive coordinator. As brilliant of an offensive mind that Pat Shurmur is, he needs to focus more on being a head coach. It's not easy being one or the other, and it's that much harder trying to do both jobs at once.

Childress will allow Shurmur to do the job that the Browns hired him for.

There are several reasons to believe that this move will work out just fine for Cleveland.

For one, Childress is familiar with the offensive scheme. He has been a strong proponent of the West Coast offense for quite some time now. That's a good thing since Shurmur and team president Mike Holmgren prefer that style of offense. Childress may have not found a ton of success as a head coach, but it's hard to deny that the guy does understand the offensive side of the game.

On a side note, Childress, Shurmur and Holmgren are all represented by the same agent (Bob Lamonte).

Secondly, Childress is familiar with Shurmur himself. Aside from being close friends, they have also worked together before. When they were both with the Philadelphia Eagles, Childress was the offensive coordinator and Shurmur was the quarterbacks coach.

Another good thing about the Childress hiring is play calling. For now, Shurmur is going to continue to call the plays on offense. Before the season is over, though, you can expect the team to transition that duty over to Childress. Eagles head coach Andy Reid recently praised both men as being strong play callers.

Finally, the addition of Childress gives Shurmur another person to lean on. Since he is a first time head coach, he was smart enough to surround himself with guys who have had experience as head coaches. Aside from Childress, the coaching staff also consists of Dick Jauron (Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears) and Ray Rhodes (Eagles, Green Bay Packers).

All in all, a good hire for the Browns today.