Colten Moore Tebowing Video: Watch Winter X Games Star Pay Tribute to Tim Tebow

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2012

Oh, Tim Tebow. Even when you are not playing, you are still a part of our lives. Thanks to the "Tebowing" fad, anyone anywhere can have their 15 minutes of fame by getting down on one knee and bowing their head. 

The latest athlete to get in on the Tebowing craze was Colten Moore at the Winter X Games on Thursday night. 

After securing a gold medal in the Snowmobile Freestyle, Moore couldn't resist the urge to pay tribute to the Denver Broncos quarterback before doing anything else. The problem is, whenever anyone Tebows it comes off as phony and planned. 

Back when Tebowing first started, all those months ago, fans and athletes were doing it to be funny. When it became an Internet sensation, it became a cheap way for everyone in any kind of athletic competition to get on SportsCenter, because we all know that ESPN can't resist anything Tebow-related. 

Moore just won a gold medal after his run, but doesn't bother celebrating like a normal person would. Rather, he drops down to one knee to strike the pose for the cameras. 

Of course, he had good reason to Tebow. Just before going out and winning gold, Moore lost control of his snowmobile in mid-air and fell over 100 feet on his back

Remember the old days? When football players would grab Sharpies out of their sock to sign a ball during a game? Or hide a cell phone in the padding on the field goal? I miss those days, because at least there was some original thought going into those. 

Now, Tebow and Roger Goodell have taken all the fun away. What we are left with is men and women everywhere dropping to one knee. 

On the bright side, at least Moore was able to secure a gold medal. Tebow has been doing this for years, yet he has no idea how to play quarterback in the NFL. Perhaps Moore is just better at Tebowing than Tebow is.