Stay Classy, Mark DeRosa

Neil FinnellCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Fan favorite and all-around good guy Mark DeRosa joined Dave Kaplan on Sports Central Friday night and discussed his recent trade to the Cleveland Indians. While Kerry Wood has been the face of the Cubs since May 6, 1998, many figured Wood's time with the Cubs was over after the Dodgers won game three of the NLDS.

As for DeRosa few thought the Cubs would trade away one of the team's leaders and one of the ballplayers that Lou Piniella reportedly covitted. Before talking with DeRosa, Dave Kaplan said he did not like the trade and called Aaron Miles a "scrappy player."

The class that Mark DeRosa displayed in two seasons continued throughout his discussion with Dave Kaplan, despite the fact he was no longer a member of the Chicago Cubs....

Here are the highlights with a link to the full interview:

  • On one hand DeRosa is disappointed. He said he really loved playing in Chicago.
  • Lived blocks away from the yard and will miss playing at Wrigley Field the most
  • DeRosa said there was great chemistry in the clubhouse
  • DeRosa was on the golf course with Chipper Jones and Brian McCann when he received the call from Jim Hendry
  • He said he knew a trade was a possibility. He added that he follows everything online. DeRosa told Kaplan that his dad told him if he could get Jake Peavy he would trade him too
  • When the Peavy talks fell through he thought he would stay with the Cubs
  • DeRosa said he talked to Jim Hendry for around two minutes. He said he had a good relationship with Hendry but not a casual one. He knew as soon as he saw who was calling him that he had been traded
  • He is excited about playing with Kerry Wood and playing third base for the Indians. He liked playing third for the Cubs when Aramis Ramirez was taking a day off or unavailable.
  • DeRosa said he felt terrible after the conversation with Hendry, kinda numb. He could not believe what had just happened
  • DeRosa was getting ready to tee off on the third hole, he called his wife then turned off his phone and tried to enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Kaplan asked if he would come back as a free agent. DeRosa said he would definitely listen and never tries to burn a bridge.
  • DeRosa said, "I loved it there, we had a great team."
  • He did not see all of the changes for the Cubs taking place this off-season.
  • Derrek Lee, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster and several other teammates called.
  • DeRosa said it was a great two years and they really turned around a team that lost 96 games the year before he arrived.
  • DeRosa described playing for the Cubs as a "special place to play."
  • He is excited to play in Cleveland and admitted he doesn't know much about Cleveland
  • DeRosa said, "Kerry Wood is the Chicago Cubs."
  • DeRosa added he always put the team first and added once again how special his time was with the Cubs
  • DeRosa is already looking forward to June when the Indians play at Wrigley

Link to full interview on WGN Radio