Greg Schiano Leaves the Old Raritan of Rutgers for the Sunshine State, Tampa

Alex HerbstContributor IJanuary 26, 2012

Greg Schiano has been heralded by many as the savior of the the Rutgers University football program, taking it from the doormat of the Big East conference—and college football, for that matter—to frequent visitors of bowl games and annual contenders for the Big East title.

If Rutgers wants to maintain this success, though, it will have to do so under new leadership. As reported by multiple sources, and confirmed by ESPN's Adam Schefter, Schiano will earn his first NFL coaching job as he is to be introduced as the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Schiano leaves Central Jersey for the Sunshine State for a reported five-year deal. The question then becomes, whom does Schiano take with him? Over the course of his coaching legacy at Rutgers of 10 seasons, he has created so many connections in the college ranks that he can build a group around him in Tampa.

Will they have success at the outset? Probably not. As it was with Rutgers, it took a couple years of struggle for Schiano to get his strategy in place, which leads to some question marks heading into the NFL. In a league that is looking for instant gratification, will the Buccaneers and the Glazer family be willing to wait for Schiano's "keep chopping" attitude to resonate with the Buccaneer players?

Now, it is easy to see that Schiano will have plenty of talent to work with when he arrives in Tampa Bay. Josh Freeman is a developing quarterback that is a dual threat, something Schiano hasn't seen much of outside of backup Jabu Lovelace. Meanwhile, running back LeGarrette Blount has power similar to that of Ray Rice of the Ravens—and formerly of the Scarlet Knights—but needs to become more focused. And Tampa's defense, though aging, has plenty of power still behind it.

Only time will tell if Schiano will be able to satisfy the Glazer family and, more importantly, the Buccaneer fans.