Top 10 Possible Pro-Am Partners for Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2012

Top 10 Possible Pro-Am Partners for Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach

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    After this week's payday at Abu Dhabi, Tiger will be returning to the PGA Tour to play in the Pebble Beach AT&T National Pro-Am.

    The pick makes sense for Woods' schedule. He says he is trying to play more, and Pebble Beach has essentially been his stomping grounds.

    Woods will play with Tony Romo. This is a great pairing, and had it not been the one for this year I would have included Romo on this list. However, he will be left off to look at a few different options since he actually does get to play.

    Just as a heads up, some of these are based on skill level, others are based on fun. It's arbitrary.

Bill Murray

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    An avid golfer and comedian, Bill Murray could bring a smile to Woods' face when he is playing, which is pretty tough to do.

    Murray is known for being one of the better golfers, and is a regular contender in celebrity amateur tournaments.

    Woods isn't one who enjoys watching everyone hack the ball up and down the course, especially during a serious tournament, so Murray would be the right dose of comedy and skill for Woods.

    He's also the defending amateur champion, winning last year with D.A. Points.

Charles Barkley

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    He is one of the few people whose hacking tendencies don't bother Tiger. Why? Because it's so darn funny to watch and play with Charles Barkley.

    Woods is well known to be friends with Barkley, and he and Charles always exchange jabs.

    This is one of the people Tiger might be able to call a friend in his life, which definitely makes this Pro-Am team a winner.

Wayne Gretzky

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    He broke 100 at what seems to have been the final installment of the US Open Challenge, shooting his number.

    Although that's not great, for a US Open course that's not too shabby.

    These are, simply put, two of the best athletes in the history of sports. It would be a pairing that attracts a broad fan base to watch and would be fun to see too.

    The great one with, well, Tiger, who hasn't received any name like that yet—so I'll hold on the second half of the sentence.

Tim Tebow

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    This would be one of the most interesting groups that could be assembled. This is a compare and contrast situation.

    Tiger and Tim Tebow are big names and winners—and have a lot of doubters as of now.

    However, look at Tim Tebow's personal life, and these two couldn't be much different. 

    Unfortunately, Tebow won't even be present this year after his injury suffered in the playoffs.

Michael Jordan

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    It's almost unfair to even have to say this. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are great friends, at least to our knowledge.

    Yet again, it's another power pairing with the greats of a sport. 

    Overall, it would be just another time where you would see Tiger actually smile during a round of golf.

Jimmer Fredette

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    The debate is on. Who is worse at golf: Jimmer Fredette or Charles Barkley? It will be decided later this year at the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe.

    Tiger needs to work on his putts from long range, and Jimmer's pretty good at making long shots. Maybe some of it will rub off on Tiger and help him drain long putts.

Herm Edwards

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    Maybe the coach has some good words to help Tiger rebuild for a successful season.

    Tiger sure could use some inspiration for this season—golf wants him back.

Bode Miller

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    Another person who is rather polarizing, Bode Miller is a Gold Medal-winning skier. 

    The Olympics are coming up in 2016 with golf, and maybe Tiger could use some words of advice for dealing with the pressure of the Olympics.

John Daly

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    Wait, he's a professional golfer? Someone might want to tell him that we're all a little confused, since his play really isn't up to standard.

    Guess I'm just more used to John being at the Hooter's tent than at the course.

Aaron Rodgers

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    I chose someone from every sport, and right now Rodgers is at the top of the football world as a player, despite the fact that he isn't still playing.

    Again, two world-class athletes together can only produce great things. Plus, Tiger could quit with the fist pumping and go to the discount double check.