Why Are Mets Uniforms A State Secret?

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Why Are Mets Uniforms A State Secret?

I was thinking about Mets uniforms the other day and realized how annoying it is to never quite be sure what the team is going to wear.

It seems like every year in the spring I'll get a call from fellow Mets Policeman Osh41 where we discuss what they are wearing because we're caught off guard.  

The call goes something like, "Hey check out the 'New York script' on the road jerseys."  (We just won the World Series, let's change the uniforms!)  

The next year,  "Hey they changed the road jerseys again to rip off the Yankees look." "Hey look at the hideous new swoosh jerseys with the underline."  "Hey look at the white Mets hats!"  Even last year when they played the Civil Rights game I wasn't sure if the charcoal jerseys they showed up were "real" or not.

This week this was a little flurry over the Daily News blog reporting this new black jersey.   The consensus is that the News was wrong.   The point is that none of us are quite sure.

Why don't we know what the 2009 Mets will wear?  We hear rumor of a patch.  We hear the unsubstantiated "Charcoal" rumor.  

Why can't they just tell us.

Anyone want to know what the Yankees are wearing this season?  Oh yeah that's right they sell tons of stuff without ever changing it (plus or minus a patch or armband).

How about Boston?  Oh yeah they held a press conference to tell everyone—and I betcha that translated into jersey sales.

The Mets Police continue to beg the franchise to go back to what Casey is wearing on the left.  Borrow some font from the Giants (remember them Fred Wilpon?) and some color(ish) from the Dodgers.   See the nice road jersey peeking out?  

At home where pinstripes with no black trim.   On both don't have names.   You can read a name from the upper deck, on radio it doesn't matter and on TV there is chiron and an announcer.   Our compromise is that the Mets can wear whatever they'd like on Sunday (pink uniforms with shorts—go for it!) and sell whatever pleases the Wilpons.


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