Lawrence Taylor: Giants Hall of Famer Incapable of Learning from Past Mistakes

Adam WellsFeatured Columnist IVMarch 25, 2017

New York Giants line backer # 56 Lawrence Taylor 10 Pro Bowls (1981-90); retired after 1993 season with 1321/2 sacks inducted into Hall of Fame in 1999. on the field prior to the game during the Indianapolis Colts vs New York Giants game on September 10, 2006 at the Giants Stadium  in East Rutherford NJ, The Colts won over the Giants by the score of 26 to 21. (Photo by Tom Berg/NFLPhotoLibrary)
Tom Berg/Getty Images

Lawrence Taylor made a living by beating up on quarterbacks in the NFL, but his personal life has been a mess for as long as anyone can remember. Yet despite all of his problems with the law, there does not seem to be any remorse or hope that he will learn from his mistakes. 

The Hall of Famer finally spoke publicly about his 2010 arrest for having sex with a 16-year-old girl, which led to him being sentenced to six years of probation, on Showtime's Inside the NFL, which aired on Wednesday.

It doesn't sound like he understands the things that he does. He knows that they are wrong, but he just can't help himself. Maybe it is a disease, or maybe he just thinks that he is Lawrence Taylor, and he can get away with anything that he wants. 

The most telling response that he gave in the clip is when Cris Collinsworth asked, "What makes you think you have changed?" Taylor then responded by saying, "Think I changed what?"

Taylor doesn't believe that he has to change. He is talking about being held in a police station and wondering how much longer he is going to have to wait because he has a golf game he must get to. 


Normal people sit in a police station and wonder what is happening and why they are there. Taylor wonders when he will get out so he can go play golf. He didn't sound remorseful or regret anything that happened. 

When Taylor actually takes responsibility for his actions, and not just in this most recent case, but everything he has done, then we will know that he is a changed man. 

He has yet to do that, and there is no reason to think that he ever will because he lives his life the way that he played football: Fast, furious, relentless and hard-hitting.