Rutgers Football: 3-Star Offensive Lineman Ryan Brodie Commits to Rutgers

Jason Radowitz@@NY_Sports_WorldContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2012

After the signing of J.J. Denman, Ryan Brodie became the sixth offensive lineman to commit to Rutgers for the upcoming season.

Brodie is another huge addition to Rutgers, as they continue to find the pieces to their puzzle after last season's inconsistency running the ball. He's 6'5", 270 pounds and joins the group of massive offensive lineman.

Brodie was able to knock down his choices to just Connecticut and Rutgers.

"I just felt more comfortable at Rutgers," Brodie said after making his decision, according to the Long Branch, NJ Patch website. "As the choice narrowed down it got more difficult."

You can read his scouting report on ESPN for a more in depth look at the one of the, if not the top offensive lineman from New Jersey.

Obviously Greg Schiano really wants to help his offense out after an almost brutal season on the offensive side. Nova and Dodd were sacked plenty of times, and the run usually stalled with a pretty atrocious line.

The two positives on the line last season were Kaleb Johnson and Desmond Wynn. However, Wynn is declaring for the draft and will not be returning, as he was a senior anyway.

Rutgers is still trying to pursue two major prospects, Kevin Fuller and Darius Hamilton. Sporting News reports that Rutgers is a legitimate spot for Fuller and Hamilton to wind up.