Andy Reid: Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Still Silent on Fate of Juan Castillo

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2012

Andy Reid has yet to decide the fate of Juan Castillo
Andy Reid has yet to decide the fate of Juan CastilloRob Carr/Getty Images

It's been over three weeks since the Philadelphia Eagles last played a game, but head coach Andy Reid is still silent on the fate of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. 

The Eagles had their postseason meetings, where Jeffrey Lurie declared that Reid would be back for a 14th season as Eagles head coach and that any coaching changes would be Reid's call.

Many people thought Reid would make a decision soon thereafter, but Reid did not act.  When the St. Louis Rams fired Spagnuolo, many people thought Castillo would be gone and replaced by Spags.  Once again, that did not happen.

It seems a bit odd at this point that Reid has said nothing.  Clearly, by now, he has reviewed tapes and knows what he wants to do—it's just a matter of when he will announce it.  I would think the silence means that Castillo could be gone, because logic would tell us if Juan Castillo is going to stay as defensive coordinator, then why wouldn't Reid just come out and announce that?

If Castillo is here, I would think Reid would already have made that decision.  So my speculation is that the reason for the silence has to be because Reid has someone in mind to replace Castillo with, and much like last year, Castillo might be Plan B.  So Reid does not want to terminate Juan Castillo unless he can get his guy.

Who could his guy be?  Well, if it was anyone available now, you would think the Eagles would already be looking in that direction.  Since it does not appear they are talking to anyone, it is possible it is a coach on either the Patriots or Giants.  

However, I don't really see anyone on either staff that I would think the Eagles would want, as the Patriots defense is lousy and the Giants defensive coordinator was highly criticized this year.

will juan castillo still be D/C in 2012?  Time well tell
will juan castillo still be D/C in 2012? Time well tellJoseph Labolito/Getty Images

It is also possible the Eagles are waiting to see what happens with other coaches and coordinators, and they are just letting the field play out.  There could be a head coaching candidate that they want as defensive coordinator, but they can only get him if he does not get hired as a head coach, so they have to wait until the jobs are filled.

Either way, it will be an interesting month or so for the Eagles as this process plays out.  My guess by their inaction is if they do not get the guy they want, then Castillo will be back.

Will they get whomever it is they want?  Well, that remains to be seen.  Considering the choice of Castillo last year, they really could go after anyone, on either side of the ball.