Taking Out the Trash, Kentucky Wildcats-Style

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2008

There are very few professions where a boss can get away with cursing his employees. 

Anyone who has served in the military has been subject to a fair amount of spittle and profanity, but a drill sergeant could argue that it is in the best interest of the country to subject their charges to a steady stream of verbal acid.  This way bombs and bullets won't seem so jarring when they're first encountered.

Sports also subscribes to the macho culture where no dissension will be tolerated and mistakes will be met with extreme prejudice.  At Kentucky, first-year F. Lee Ermey-disciple Billy Gillispie has fended off the howling wolves while instilling a sense of discipline many felt was sorely lacking under the current Minnesota boss who beat a hasty retreat out of town. 

While the 'Cats dancing shoes may be shined for no reason they have made a stark improvement as the foot soldiers have been jumping high without questioning the command to jump in the first place.

But one walk-on, Dusty Mills, apparently wondered why jumping was necessary, or at least was so scarred by Gene Hackman during the filming of Hoosiers that he couldn't buckle under anymore.  During a narrow win over an undermanned Georgia team, Mills and Englishman All-Airport Mirakinyo Williams were laughing following a sanctioned mugging from Dave Bliss, whose father was most recently remembered for his shenanigans at Baylor. 

Per "Ollie", they were laughing because Mills tried to prevent a much bigger teammate from leaving the bench to rush to Bradley's aid.  Per BG, he chose to seethe about this until the butt-kicking in Nashville when he informed Mr. Mills that his one minute per game was no longer needed.  This drove Ollie to tears until he accepted his fate and skulked back to Noblesville to weep into his Bobby Knight-autographed IU sweater.

BG has not told his side of the story.  Ollie claims he was cursed at repeatedly during the dismissal situation and even told to strip naked at one point and exclaim "Thank you, sir!  May I have another?" (Ok, that last part's a joke.)  

I think BG should worry more about his scholarship players than the antics of a spritely fan favorite.  The timing is also quite curious - if you hate the kid so much why not let him go three weeks ago? But Mills going to such lengths to sob to the media makes me wonder if Hoosiers 2 - Electric Boogaloo is in the works.  If you choose to play again, Dusty, remember it is not wise to yank the chain of the tightly wound.