Breaking News: Hulk Hogan Claims TNA Is Highest-Rated Wrestling Show on U.K. TV

Ryan MartinContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2012

Brother!Paul Kane/Getty Images

Being a student living in Ireland, I have little to be at on Wednesday afternoons around midday. That means I get to watch such fantastic shows as "Loose Women" and "Ironside."

On "Loose Women" Wednesday, Hulk Hogan was being interviewed to help promote TNA's upcoming tour of England. Unfortunately for the Hulkster, he got little opportunity to promote the events because he had to field some "generic wrestling" questions from interviewers not adept with the pro-wrestling world.

One of the "Loose Women" hosts rather idiotically said that there was no wrestling on TV in the U.K. and not much of a fan base. This led Hulk to answer by saying:

"The TV ratings are really, really high, but we are focusing on more live venues and bringing more events over [to the U.K.], because the TV is piped in, the numbers are huge."

He then threw out this little gem of a statement that I would highly doubt the authenticity off"

"Impact wrestling is the highest-rated wrestling show in the U.K."

Really? It would be interesting to see how that statement matches up with the facts. Hulk also threw out a few more gems in the interview:

  • He has had eight back surgeries in the past five years.
  • He got the all clear to fly after a tooth replacement.
  • He is trying to help TNA.


The interview is not up on YouTube yet, but I will attempt to add it on a later date. Not really major news but good to see the Hulkster hasn't lost his touch for exaggeration of the truth.