Detroit Tigers Sign Prince Fielder

Robert KnapelCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2012

MILWAUKEE, WI - OCTOBER 16:  Prince Fielder #28 of the Milwaukee Brewers bats against the St. Louis Cardinals during Game Six of the National League Championship Series at Miller Park on October 16, 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The mystery team has struck once again. According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Detroit Tigers have signed Prince Fielder.

Heyman also reported that the deal is worth $214 million over nine years.

Detroit was looking for a way to replace Victor Martinez in their lineup after he tore his ACL, and this is certainly a way to do it. 

The move means that the Tigers will likely shift Miguel Cabrera over to third base at some point, either this season or next season. Fielder can serve as the Tigers' DH with Martinez out, but once he returns, he will likely play first. The Tigers could decide to make Cabrera's position change sooner rather than later.

After making the move, Detroit's title hopes certainly increase. The middle of their order is incredibly talented and will be a threat to opposing pitchers.

Last season, Fielder hit .299 with 38 home runs and he drove in 128 runs. Since he is just 27 years old, Fielder should continue to improve.

What It Means For Detroit

The Tigers are not undoubtedly the favorites in the American League Central. They have the best pitcher in the majors and they have added one of the top hitters in MLB.

Detroit not only gets better for this season, but they will be title contenders for years to come. The one issue is that they might not have that much money to spend in the future.

A lot of money will be tied up in Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez. This is an incredibly solid core that should take the Tigers to the playoffs every season for a long time.

By signing Fielder the Tigers made sure that we will not only be talking about them this season, but for years down the road.