Real Season Begins For the Boston Celtics

SarahCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2008

The Boston Celtics have posted the best record in the NBA through the first half of the season. However, the NBA season is a long journey. Only after the All-Star break does the real season start, and this is when we will learn how good the Celtics really are.

Any NBA season is going to have its ups and downs, but let’s hope the downs have already happened for the Celtics.

Losing Kevin Garnett for nine games was not ideal, but the Celtics have performed admirably in his absence and have posted a 7-2 record with an impressive win over the Spurs.

Fortunately, players like Glen "Big Daddy" Davis have stepped up and filled in for Garnett while he recovered.

But now Boston has to step up their game.

This is when the real season begins.

Several important trades have shifted the balance of power to the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and LA Lakers. Teams are playing with more intensity and playing great defense matters.

If the Celtics are going to advance to the NBA Finals they are going to need to stay healthy and play better defense.

Hopefully, Doc Rivers will ease Kevin Garnett back into the line-up and rest him until he is 100 percent.

KG's intensity helps improve the entire team. However, that intensity can also lead to long extended return to 100 percent. Even if it means losing some games in the next few weeks, KG's minutes should be limited.

Let's just hope everyone else stays healthy for the Celtics and its young players like Davis and Rajon Rondo can mature quickly enough to be ready for the upcoming playoff season.

If they can enter the playoffs with a healthy and well rounded team that knows how to play defense, they might have a shot to bring banner No. 17 back to Boston.