The NBA Lottery System Is Malfuctioning

Jeff LittleSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2008

The current NBA Lottery system doesn't work and never really has.

How can it be considered a fair system when the team with the worst record isn't automatically given the No. 1 pick?

They've certainly earned the No. 1 pick by being the worst team, yet often times the team with the worst record in the league will acquire the No. 4 or No. 7 overall pick.

I'm not ready to blow up the system but it needs a tune up or maintenance to function properly.

When the season ends the teams with the worst records need to draft in the order in which they finished the season.

The lottery should come into play when there are several teams that had bad seasons and have similar records usually picks No.6 through No.10 of the draft. If this is done, then the worst teams will have the opportunity to draft the best players coming out of college.

This is what the draft was intended to do. It is the only way the system is fair to every team.

There is also the alternative, a team like the Atlanta Hawks who routinely fails to take advantage of their lofty draft status. Going into the 2005 draft the Hawks were in need of a point guard & front court scoring. Yet, for some strange reason they passed on Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Monta Ellis, Andrew Bynum, Ronny Turiaf and selected potential with Marvin Williams.

I like Marvin Williams and he is a developing player, but if Chris Paul or Deron Williams was selected the team wouldn't have had to make the trade for Mike Bibby this year.

Substance over style and building from the inside out makes you a competitive team. The rebuilding process is supposed to start in the draft with a lottery pick (Allegedly!).  

Think about the fact that Atlanta hasn't made a playoff run in 8 years and that they're currently two games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Where would they be with a starting five of either Chris Paul or Deron Williams at the point, Joe Johnson at shooting guard, Josh Smith at small forward, Al Horford at power Forward and Zaza Pachulia at center with a bench consisting of Josh Childress, Ronny Turiaf, Acie Law, Randolph Morris?

The playoff drought could have come to an end, but unfortunately I don't work in the Atlanta Hawks front office and the team decided that Marvin Williams is a better player than Paul, Williams, and Bynum.

Two players that have more potential to be a star than the aforementioned players and who are two of the BEST young point guards in the league and one of the best center's in the League.

As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it.