Babyface Miz? Why the Miz Needs to Turn Face to Save Himself from Mediocrity

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2012

Awesome got boring really fast.

Unless you are a Mizfit you probably realize that the Miz's character has gone really stale. 

What is the best way to refresh a boring heel who is not as over as he used to be? Turn him into a babyface.


How will turning the Miz into a babyface help his character? 

Turning the Miz into a babyface will not only help his character, but it will help Raw become more interesting throughout. It seems apparent that based on ratings, people do not want to tune in to see Zack Ryder and Eve Torres; they only want to see CM Punk, Kane and John Cena.

The Miz claims he is the most "must-see WWE champion of all time," but every WWE fan knows that the Miz's title reign was weak. As a heel, the Miz defended his title numerous times, but only won clean against Jerry Lawler. He was not able to defeat Cena or any legitimate opponent in clean fashion.

A babyface Miz with the title would be something great to see.

The Miz has all the makings of a great babyface. The Miz is able to work the crowd on the microphone, and he has a weak skill set in the ring, which WWE fans know is somewhat common for faces.

He also has the look of an underdog. With a weak skill set, the Miz can play underdog throughout a match and have the heel carry it, which would benefit the Miz because of that weak skill set. 



How will the Miz turn face? 

The perfect scenario for a Miz face turn would be for him to come out next Monday night when John Laurinaitis is being evaluated and strike him in the face, regardless of HHH's decision to keep him or fire him.

The Miz will then grab the mic and cut a promo about how R-Truth got into his head about a conspiracy in the WWE, and how he now wants a title shot. The Miz will then became a pain in Dolph Ziggler's side and make constant negative remarks about Vickie Guerrero. 

The Miz should not win the belt until after WrestleMania.

After WrestleMania, the Miz should be in a babyface-like struggle where he loses close matches but makes sure to put on a great show. The Miz will get screwed here and there but end up winning the WWE title somewhere before SummerSlam.

The Miz will have a lot of steam as a face, and this will hopefully force the WWE to turn John Cena into a heel; which, based on tonight's Raw, seems inevitable.


Other Scenarios:

The Miz is notorious on TMZ
The Miz is notorious on TMZ

1. The Miz calls out Kane and tells him that he is sick of Kane bullying everyone and challenges him to a match. The Miz wins the match and gets over with the fans. 


2. The Miz gets traded to SmackDown and starts a feud with Wade Barrett or Daniel Bryan. The Miz eventually wins the Elimination Chamber in SmackDown and goes to WrestleMania to face Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett for the world heavyweight championship. 

The Miz needs a character change as much as John Cena.

If the WWE can finally turn John Cena into a heel then they should turn the Miz into a face. The Miz already has the media in his pocket and nothing will benefit the WWE more than having the Miz represent them as a babyface champion.

Keep in mind the WWE is pushing out their new WWE Network; who better to promote than the Miz?

This move makes perfect sense. Regardless of what John Cena's status is, the Miz should turn into a babyface to save his character from becoming staler than a week-old bag of tortilla chips that has been left open under the sun. 


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