Fans Kill The All Star Game

John BertolContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

Well ladies and gentlemen it's that time again! 

The NHL All Star game is upon us as thousands of hardcore hockey fans rush to their computers to cast their vote for their favorite pro player; and there lies the problem.

The "All Star" game isn't really a game of "all stars" any more, at least not current ones.  Unfortunately for true hockey fans, so many players are passed over for athletes that have made big names for themselves in past seasons.  Not to say that these players are washed up or over rated, but their production should not yield the amount of all star votes they are receiving. 

Exhibit A: Alexei Kovalev

Kovalev is a master skater and has one of the most accurate shots in the game.  If you don't believe me watch his Warrior Hockey training session.  But this year his numbers are well below anything he is use to putting up. 

Kovalev has a total of just 28 points.  9 goals and 19 assists.  Yup that's it.  Even though fans in Montreal have expressed their frustration with his play "AK-27" still gained 1.3 million votes.  Is Alexei a washed up player? Of course not, but does he truly deserve to be in the All Star game? 

He isn't the only one.  There are other players who's votes are suspect.  What about Martin Brodeur?  Sure he is one of the best goalies that has ever stood between the pipes, but he has only played in 10 games this year due to an injury.  Does he really deserve to lead the Devils in voting?

What about guys like Jeff Carter, David Krejci or Bryan Little.  All have posted much better numbers than Alexei thus far, but where are their names?  The All-Star game should be a reward for young guns to get their name out there and show fans (who usually don't see these players) what they're capable of doing. 

I challenge you to log onto any major NHL medium, how many times do you really see these names?  It isn't all the fans, these younger players just do not recieve the exposure they deserve.

So please when you fill out your All Star ballot use the old "what have you done for me lately" mentality and give these young guys the reward they deserve.