Luck of the Irish: Bobby Kielty's Bounce Into Boston

Scott WeilCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2008

If you were to ask me who had the best life right now, I wouldn't reply Bill Gates, I wouldn't reply Tom Brady, I wouldn't even reply Hugh Hefner.

I would most assuredly say "Bobby Kielty."

Yes, Bobby Kielty—the scrappy extra outfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Let's recap his year in baseball:

He started the season for the Oakland Athletics, just as he had for the last three seasons prior to 2007.

Kielty ended up tearing his meniscus, sidelining him for over a month. On July 23, he was designated for assignment by the A's, and released on August 1.

Six days later, Kielty was signed by the Sox and placed on their Triple A affiliate, the Pawtucket Red Sox. On the 18th, The BoSox purchased the contract of outfielder Bobby Kielty from Pawtucket, and the rest is history.

He came off the bench for the most part and started a few games—and then Kielty hit a big homer, which ended up being the game winning run, in the series-clinching win over the Rockies during the World Series.

Kielty is a career .254 hitter, and has a slugging percentage of just over .400 with only 53 home runs over six seasons, and one postseason dinger being the biggest of his life, the aforementioned series winner.

Robert Michael Kielty went undrafted and started his career with Minnesota and spent three seasons there before being traded to Toronto for one season. His next stop was Oakland where he stayed for over three years and now finally for three months in Boston, and it looks like that will be all after he filed for free agency on the 30 of October.

The only way Kielty will be a member of the Red Sox Nation in the ensuing season is if Coco Crisp is removed, which is a legit possibility as Jacoby Ellsbury will undoubtedly be the starting center fielder in 2008 after a stellar campaign this year. Ellsbury will also be the leading candidate for AL Rookie of the Year honors, as he is able to retain his rookie status as a result of not having enough at bats this season. It is unlikely that Covelli "Coco" Crisp will take such a severely reduced role, and will request a trade.

So now after spending over six years being a scrub, sometimes stud, outfielder and skipping around from team to team he finally hit pay dirt: a world championship... a World Series, and a huge ring... not to mention quite a few new fans.

Kielty can cherish this ring, he actually earned it, he wasn't just another pine riding player who can say they were a member of a champion team... he drove in the winning runs and was responsible for the win. No one can ever take that away from him.

I'd like someone to suggest who has a better life. Is that not a dream come true? What child doesn't dream of the cliché bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded, walk off grand slam, game seven, World Series-winning blast? Okay, okay...Kielty's wasn't that exact scenario, but close enough, it did win the series. Congrats Bob, bask in your glory, you earned it.