Eddie Goldman: Commitment Odds & Predictions for Top Recruit

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJanuary 23, 2012

Eddie Goldman: Commitment Odds & Predictions for Top Recruit

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    National Signing Day is within reach and that means majority of the top recruits are preparing for a decision that will impact the rest of their lives.

    Eddie Goldman is a defensive tackle who would instantly impact any defensive line with his size. You talk about a run-stopper, it's this guy right here at 6'4", 315 pounds. Put Goldman in the center of your defensive line, and he'll clog up the running lanes and make it a frustrating day for opposing running backs.

    Despite his size, he is quick and can get a solid pass-rush going as well. His potential is endless and he will really make things a lot easier for the players around him, wherever he ends up.

    He's expected to make his decision on National Signing Day. Let's take a look at the schools he will be considering and predict where he will end up.


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    Goldman visited with the Auburn Tigers back in November. It was his third official visit and the Tigers are very much in the running for his services. Here are a few things he had to say about that visit.

    "It went good," Goldman said. "I hung out with the players and they are a good group of guys. It’s a tight-knit group as far as the coaches and the team. They showed me a lot of love."

    "Anytime you go to a big-time college it’s a big atmosphere and you get a lot of love," Goldman said. "I was surprised the love they got even though they lost. They’ve got really faithful fans. They take War Eagle to the heart."


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    You know it's not a top recruit if the Alabama Crimson Tide aren't in the race. In this case, Nick Saban and company are in the running. This was actually the second school Goldman took a trip to and his father had a few words about the visit.

    "The atmosphere was crazy. It was another planet down there. Tuscaloosa during the football season, is not even on planet earth," said Eddie Muhammad (Goldman's father).

    "It's just a different culture down there [Alabama]. How they use the term 'Roll Tide' and it's just a way of life. And even though Jimbo Fisher has come off of Nick Saban's coaching staff, it's the mystique of Nick Saban."

Florida State

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    Florida State was actually the first school that Goldman had visited. His trip was back in September and it took place during the Seminoles' game against the Oklahoma Sooners. Once again, here are some things his father said about that visit. 

    It is hard to find a word to describe the atmosphere. That FSU crowd is indescribable, just out of this world. I never have experienced anything like it nor had Eddie.

    There were more fans than the capacity of the stadium. People didn't have seats and were just standing up against the fence. People were miles out tailgating, even the day before.

    As we were walking through the tunnel, a section of the crowd was cheering my son's name, 'Eddie we want you!' The attention that they are giving Eddie and us as parents, I mean, the red carpet is an understatement.


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    The Miami Hurricanes were the last team Goldman visited back in December and are the last team on his short list. He cut down a list of 40-something schools to just four and the Hurricanes are still very much a possibility. Here are a few words about his visit down south.

    "I've been to Miami, Alabama, Florida State and Auburn," he said. "The last one I went on was to Miami. It was good. I bonded with the players well and I like the coaches there and it seems like one big family down there and I like that."

    "Miami's definitely in it," he said. "I like them and I'm still considering them. I'm still pretty open though."


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    I could really see him ending up anywhere out of these four teams, but if I had to pick at this point, I see him becoming a Seminole. It seems like his father was really impressed with everything from the visit and adding him to this defense would really put this team over the top.

    You're talking about a recruiting class that already includes Justin Shanks, who is one of this year's top defensive tackles. You also have three of this year's top defensive ends in Mario Edwards, Chris Casher and Dante Fowler (Edwards isn't 100 percent committed, but will very much likely stay with Florida State—especially if Goldman commits as well).

    It's very much in the air as he's really not dropping any hints, but that would be my prediction. I see Miami and Alabama being the other two teams that Goldman could pick, I just see Florida State as the better fit and the better opportunity to start right away and make a much bigger impact.

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