New York Giants, New England Patriots and Championship Day Musings

Mark OristanoContributor IIJanuary 23, 2012

Superman can fly
Superman can flyElsa/Getty Images

If I tweeted, which I don't, here's a few things I'd be saying:

Did Patriots owner Robert Kraft see his life flash before his eyes when Tom Brady dove over from the 1-yard line on that quarterback sneak, the entire franchise in mid-air, with Ray Lewis coming at him full speed?

Word is that obsessive Giants coach Tom Coughlin took aerial photos of Indianapolis on the charter flight back from San Francisco after the NFC Championship.  He wants to get an early start on figuring how long it will take the team buses to get everywhere.

Wait!  The Patriots defense won a game?  Where did the Patriots get a defense on such short notice?

Giants players have already had their meeting, and they've voted the 49ers Kyle Williams a full Super Bowl share and a ring.

Despite the numerous promos suggesting we do so, are any of us going to consult our local listings to see when the Pro Bowl is on?

Former Giants receiver David Tyree to work with the team during dead week on helmet-to-ball contact.

Crowd at Candlestick didn't so much go quiet after the Giants' winning field goal in overtime as it was out-shouted by NBC executives at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, overjoyed to have a New York team in the Big Bowl. 

Tom Brady was very frank after the AFC title game:  "I sucked today.  But I get to go home to a supermodel, so nyah nyah nyah."

Did Steven Tyler’s rendition of the National Anthem before the AFC Championship make you feel like moving to Canada, too?

Well, at least one Manning will play in Indy this season.

Where will the Harbaugh’s Super Bowl watching party be?

No truth to the rumor that Fox had to pay referee Ed Hochuli a talent fee for all the microphone time he had in the NFC title game.

The only way it could have been worse for Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff is if Lucy was holding the ball and she pulled it away just as he kicked.