Chicago White Sox: Team Should Ignore Latest Ozzie Guillen Rant

Ernest ShepardAnalyst IIIJanuary 22, 2012

With Sox Fest approaching, the story shouldn't be about tension between Ozzie Guillen and members of the White Sox organization.
With Sox Fest approaching, the story shouldn't be about tension between Ozzie Guillen and members of the White Sox organization.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Ozzie Guillen is apparently angry. After responding to criticisms hurled by right-handed pitcher Jake Peavy about a week ago, Guillen, the former White Sox skipper, had some choice words that were released via twitter.

In an ESPNChicago article, Guillen is quoted as saying he intends to maintain his Chicago residence and plan to return soon.

Things have not been a bed of roses between members of the White Sox organization and Ozzie Guillen since his release from his contract with two games left in to the season. Such tensions have prompted a media war in the local Chicago papers and sports radio stations.

My advice for the White Sox is to simply ignore Ozzie and move on.

The question has been whether Ozzie Guillen quit on the team. At this point, who cares?

Guillen wanted more security, and the White Sox refused to accommodate him. Not with a promising season turning into a huge disappointment for the ballclub. While Guillen's track record was worthy of a larger payday for the World Series-winning manager, he had limited leverage after a 78-82 record during the 2011 campaign.

Afterwards both parties decided to go their separate ways. 

It is not time to act like jilted lovers who were spurned.

Not with Soxfest coming up on the 27th.

If the story at Soxfest becomes about Ozzie Guillen and not the Chicago White Sox, then Guillen wins. He will have completed his task of getting into heads of the White Sox brass.

It would result in a public relations nightmare during a time when fans are on edge. The White Sox can ill-afford to lose fans looking for reasons of hope—hope that general manager Kenny Williams has made the best decisions for the franchise.

Let Ozzie Guillen continue to rant. In time, he will have to face a hoard of media members in Miami, who will wonder if Guillen will bury the hatchet with the Chicago White Sox.

In Miami, the Sox would be the story.

In Chicago, the Sox would be the story as well.