Will Shero Pull the Trigger?

Michael LeonardContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

The Penguins are slumping as of late and the trade calls and fire Therrien chants are getting louder and louder.

Ray Shero hears you.

But is he ready to pull the trigger?

Shero realizes that the team is mired in a slump with no end in sight, and he hears the calls for change.

Sidney Crosby is in desperate need of a winger more capable of capitalizing on his play-making ability. The offense needs an old fashioned kick in the butt. The team could use a veteran presence similar to that Gary Roberts provided last season. The Penguins have a glut of offensive defensemen that could be thinned to add the necessary components to make a playoff run again this season.

Yesterday while watching the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championships in Ottawa Shero said:

"I would not want to make a trade right now that I wouldn't have made the first 20 games. To do something because we're losing some games isn't what I'm looking at."

Shero would not rule out a trade "if there's a chance to make the team better," but he also pointed out that the trade in which the Penguins switched defensemen with Dallas, Philippe Boucher for Darryl Sydor, was "a lateral move" in a season many important game changing trades thus far.

"There's not a lot of movement right now," Shero said, "so you stick with it a little bit and not do something you wouldn't do when things are going well."

Shero, in his third season, believes they can and will rebound “as is.”

"It's easy to get frustrated when you work hard and it doesn't happen," he said. "We've just got to stay with it. My first couple years, we've gone through these stretches. I believe this current group is going to help us get back on track."