Broughton's Fav 5: Top 5 Guys to Face Undertaker at WrestleMania

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 24, 2012

Broughton's Fav 5: Top 5 Guys to Face Undertaker at WrestleMania

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    Hey folks, and welcome to the third edition of Broughton's Fav Five! Past episodes can be found on my homepage.

    With the return of Undertaker looming as we grown nearer to WrestleMania, many are wondering who he will face at the show of shows.

    It is very likely he could have yet another match with Triple H, but the idea of a third matchup between the two men doesn't interest me. I have five other men who are more deserving and would be much more interesting. 

    Now onto Broughton's Fav Five!

No. 5: Cody Rhodes

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    As of recent, Cody has been in a feud with his brother, Dustin Rhodes, AKA Goldust. While this feud may go on until a showdown at WrestleMania, it is very possible the match could happen sooner than many expected. WWE could easily jump the gun and make the two fight at the Royal Rumble or the Elimination Chamber. However, it seems as if WWE will be patient and let this rivalry ride out.

    If Cody does in fact face Dustin before WrestleMania, Rhodes would be a perfect fit to challenge the almighty streak. With Undertaker's career ending, it would be great it the Deadman could help put over the young superstar. Not to mention, Rhodes has turned into the new legend-killer, and the Taker may be next on his list.

    Cody is great both on the mic and in the ring. He is on his way to the top, but he is not there yet. A match with Undertaker would do wonders for his career and really solidify his spot as a top heel for years to come.  

    Cody would be perfect for a rivalry with Undertaker, but the conflict with his brother may stop it from ever happening.

No. 4: Sheamus

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    When Sheamus first came to WWE, he immediately made an impact. After moving to Raw, he got a clean win over Cena to earn his first ever WWE Championship. It seemed as if the Celtic Warrior was becoming the next top heel in the WWE, but it was't meant to be. Sheamus' stock quickly plummeted, and he fell into mid-card obscurity.

    After a brief United States title run, he headed over to Smackdown. The move was a blessing in disguise, as Shemaus rebounded big time with a major face turn. He entered a rivalry with Mark Henry and has only gone up from there.

    The biggest issue with Sheamus right now is the lack of a real rivalry. He hasn't had any meaningful matches or feuds. He just shows up and wins. It seems as if he is entering a feud with Jinder Mahal, but Mahal isn't at the same level as the Celtic Warrior. If Sheamus doesn't find a direction quickly, he risks fading back into the micard. 

    I like Sheamus and think his face turn was genius. A feud between him and Undertaker would be great, and neither would need to be heel (EX: Taker vs Shawn Michaels/Taker vs Triple H). WIth Sheamus lacking any direction, Taker could come back and really breathe new life for the Great White.

    However, with Sheamus being a favorite to win the upcoming Royal Rumble, it is possible that he will be in a World Title match at WrestleMania 28. If not, Sheamus is a perfect choice to try and break the almighty streak. 

No. 3: Kane

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    After being promoted in mysterious vignettes, Kane finally returned to WWE. He certainly did not disappoint. The Big Red Monster has entered a rivalry with poster boy John Cena that may come to a conclusion at the Royal Rumble. Kane has really gotten inside of Cena's head and has been completely dominating the Cenation Leader. Kane seems to be unstoppable right now, and he won't be slowing down anytime soon.

    A match between Kane and his brother would be pretty easy to build up. Kane will be out to show that he is the better brother, while Undertaker will be defending his streak, as well as his legacy. Both men are coming to the end of their career, and what better way to go off into the sunset than a final showdown at WrestleMania.

    I for one think the two could put on a great match. It would make sense if the match had a gimmick, such as a casket match. However, that would only add to the excitement. The two men are good in the ring despite their age and could probably pull off one last classic before their careers are over.

No. 2: Chris Jericho

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    Y2J finally came back to save us on Jan. 2, but he gave us the silent treatment. Week in and week out, Jericho would come down the ring and not say a word. Chris hadn't spoke until this past Monday, when he stated "This Sunday at the Royal's gonna be the end of the world, as you know it."

    This statement did nothing but excite even more with what looks to be an exciting Royal Rumble. Jericho is already a favorite to win the Rumble, and that statement doesn't change that. 

    Jericho is already rumored to be facing CM Punk at WrestleMania 28, but that may not happen. If Jericho does in fact face CM Punk at WrestleMania, the two would put on a classic. However, Jericho could also be directed elsewhere. Y2J could be a possible contender to break Undertaker's almighty streak at WrestleMania 28. Jericho and Taker could make history together, and what better place than the show of shows.

    With Undertaker getting older, he may need a great wrestler to pull of a classic. Jericho would be an easy choice, as he is perfect on both the mic and in the ring. These two have a bit of a history together, and the flame between the two could be easily reignited.

No. 1: Wade Barrett

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    Like Sheamus, Wade Barrett immediately made an impact upon his debut. As the leader of the vicious Nexus group, Wade lead a revolt against WWE, and most importantly, John Cena. It seemed as if Barrett was destined for the WWE Championship, but somehow, that never happened. Wade lost control of Nexus and shifted over the WWE's B Show, Smackdown. He tried recreating Nexus with the Corre, but that was nothing more than a bust. Barrett's once-promising career looked to be in for a troubling end.

    However, a few months back, the Barrett Barrage began. Wade went on a roll, picking up countless victories before entering a rivalry with the Viper, Randy Orton. Wade actually got a clean pin on Orton at Survivor Series, which very few can claim to have done. However, since Orton has been out with an injury, Wade has lost direction going into the Royal Rumble. A win at the Rumble is possible, but with Daniel Bryan as a heel, it isn't quite as likely. So why not pit him against the Phenom?

    A match between Taker and Barrett would be logical, as the two have a history. Nexus had attacked Taker at Bragging Rights, but it was never explained. A feud between the two could finally shed some light on the incident. Not to mention they could easily pull of a WrestleMania classic.

    Both men can buildup a match perfectly with their mic skills and don't disappoint in the ring. I would love to see these two go at it on the grandest stage of the all. The Barrett Barrage vs The Streak.....What a match it would be!


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    Ninteen opponents....19 victims. 

    Undertaker is most likely having his last match at WrestleMania 28, and it will be a classic. There are so many different competitors that could have a shot at breaking the streak, but it is still hard to tell which wrestler will receive the opportunity.

    That's all, folks! Thanks for reading the third edition of Broughton's Fav Five. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to comment with any questions, suggestions and/or criticism.

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    That's a wrap!