NFL Playoffs 2012: 7 Reasons Championship Sunday Is Better Than the Super Bowl

Andre Khatchaturian@AndreKhatchCorrespondent IIIJanuary 21, 2012

NFL Playoffs 2012: 7 Reasons Championship Sunday Is Better Than the Super Bowl

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    Everyone loves Super Bowl Sunday and some even consider that it should be a national holiday. There are great commercials on television, awesome food, and most importantly, fantastic football.

    However, for a real football fan, it seems like Championship Sunday is always better. This might sound crazy. How can Super Sunday, which is considered the greatest day in sports in America, take a backseat to the Championship Sunday?

    It's really simple though. Those who call themselves real football fans know exactly why this is true. And here are seven big reasons why this Sunday makes the rowdiest fans go giddy. 

Twice the Action

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    Let's face it.

    As football fans, we can't get enough of our favorite game. Why just have one game like on Super Sunday? Championship Sunday gives us TWO games. The whole day revolves around football.

    And it's not just ordinary football. They're pressure-packed games with plenty on the line. 

    Twice the action also means twice as much beer, food, gambling, yelling, screaming, cheerleaders and Aaron Rodgers Discount Double-check ads. It's like seven hours of heaven!

The Weather Outside Is Weather

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    On Championship Sunday, we get real weather during games, and that's the way football is meant to be played. No climate control (unless of course the host of the game plays in a dome). The elements come into play and this week, they should most definitely be a factor.

    Candlestick Park is known for its ravaging winds, and a snowstorm hit New England this weekend. Weather will play a factor and it should. There's a reason why football isn't a summer sport.

    What's better than seeing a snow-drenched football field on your television screen?

    Finally, home advantage comes into play, unlike in the Super Bowl, where a sixth-seeded wild card team can play on a neutral field with an 18-0 powerhouse like in the Super Bowl back in 2008. 

No Aunt Betsy

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    The problem with the Super Bowl is that literally everybody watches it. Including your Aunt Betsy. She has no place in your family's Super Bowl party yet she's there with her disgusting casserole dip.

    She has no clue who's playing in the game and every year she asks you what the yellow line on the field is for, making you want to sling some of the cheese squares on the table at her.

    Quite frankly, it's pretty annoying to have everybody, including people who have no clue about sports, watch the Super Bowl.

    On Championship Sunday, it's just you and your pals watching the game you love.

Kickoff Starts at the Given Time

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    For some reason, the Super Bowl never starts on time. It usually starts about half-hour after the given time because of pre-game ceremonies. 

    Let's be honest. Other than the national anthem and the jet flyover (which we won't see this year anyway because it's in a dome), we don't want to see any of the other stuff. 

    Have the national anthem five minutes before the announced kickoff like in a regular-season game, and then start the game on time.

No Gimmicky Halftime Performances

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    Let's take a break in the middle of the most heated football game of the year and bring you…



    And last year it was the Black Eyed Peas?

    Nobody likes the Super Bowl halftime show. It's too long and over the top and features an artist that sports fans really don't like.

    At least a few years ago we got Bruce Springsteen and The Who.

    What's next, Justin Bieber?

    At this point, it wouldn't be surprising.

No Desecration of the Star-Spangled Banner

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    Last season during the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers NFC Championship, Jim Cornelison, who generally sings the National Anthem for the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, sang at Soldier Field in a rousing performance which had the hairs on my arm standing.

    See the performance above and if you don't get at least one bit emotional or revved up, you don't have a pulse.

    The following week during the Super Bowl, the Star-Spangled Banner was completely botched by Christina Aguilera, by skipping an entire line.

    During the Super Bowl, generally Top 40 singers sing the anthem because they're more recognizable. Nothing against these singers. They're all probably very talented, but singing pop music is completely different than singing the anthem. 

    If it was up to me, I'd have Ronan Tynon sing the anthem every year. 

It's About the Game

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    Super Bowl Sunday has become a commercial event. There's tons of money in the business and while that's great for the growth of the league, a true football fan just wants to watch the game.

    It seems like Super Sunday has turned into a day where new commercials, Top 40 singers, and Aunt Betsy's casserole trump football. 

    It's kind of like how a devout Christian might feel when someone tells him that Christmas is all about the presents, when in fact it's about celebrating Jesus Christ's birth and being with family. 

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